Serenata Flowers: Flowers for your Valentine Review

Reviewed by Christine Charlesworth

I was delighted to be chosen as the person who would write a review on ‘Serenata Flowers’. I adore flowers of all shapes and sizes and feel that even a small vase of posies make a home feel more inviting.

On Thursday 24 January a van drove up outside the house, but unfortunately the delivery man did not knock on the door so my husband, who was at home, did not realise the delivery was for us. The flowers were left on the doorstep on the coldest day this winter. Luckily, they were safely encased inside a very large cardboard box, their stems safe in a container of damp oasis and the bunch wrapped inside layers of tissue and flower film. I hope that this means that Serenata Flowers can be delivered to your door, in all weathers, even if you will not be there to receive them.

On opening the large box, I was amazed by the wonderful selection of beautiful white flowers (Roses, Gypsophila, Lisianthus and Freesia) and contrasting green foliage. The arrangement was superb, and I was pleased to be able to insert the flowers into the prepared vase before cutting the elastic holding the flowers in their display. Unfortunately, before I could reach the flowers, I had to get them out of the film and paper. This was extremely well taped round the stems and also round the plant food packet, which meant the packet got damaged and spilled most of its contents over the work surface. Be aware that this liquid is extremely sticky. Open with care.

The flowers that I received were the ‘Pure Love Gift Bag’, £39.99 for the standard size, from the Serenata Valentine Gift range. They include a large gift bag so that the flowers can be carried easily to present to your Valentine. Flowers can be ordered on line up to 10pm weekdays and 9pm weekends for a free, guaranteed, next day delivery service. All flowers will include a gift card with words of your choice, and you can find ideas for wording on their website:

My flowers look lovely and I will certainly be using Serenata in the future.

Rating: 4.5/5

Serenata Flowers Valentine’s Day flowers start from £19.99 (with FREE delivery).

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