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Scuttlebug XL Review


Reviewed by Sue Rumble


Very cute looking trike designed for children aged 2-4. It is a push along trike with great steering for children to learn how to control a bike. It is a lovely colour, has a smiley bug face and insect antennae for handlebars. The height can be adjusted so the trike can be used for longer as the child grows, before they are ready for the next stage bike. The wheels are large so it can be used on grass etc as well as pavements. It is foldable – very useful for storage and for popping in the car when going out for the day or on holiday. This toy is designed to help with balance and motor skills. The XL version is slightly bigger than the original version so better for growing toddlers.

I took this trike up to Manchester for my nearly 2 year old granddaughter. At first she was unsure of it and said “Not this one”. We showed her how to push her dolly on it and then she showed more interest. This trike is small enough to use in the house if the weather is bad. She started sitting on it but doesn’t know yet how to make it move as this is her first experience. She was very happy to be pushed around the kitchen on it and was laughing when we went round in circles. The trike is very easy to steer so once she has practised a bit she will be fine – hasn’t got the concept yet of the handlebars making the wheels move. The next day I took it outside onto the decking and she asked for it. She sat on it and managed to push herself backwards – little steps but I’m sure in a couple of months she will be whizzing around on her own. She was also excited to push her dolly on it. It appears to be very stable so good for a toddler to learn on.

My 4 year old grandson was also very excited to see before we took it to Manchester. It was still packaged in its box. I think it would be a little small for him as he is already using a 2 wheel balance bike – think he just didn’t want to miss out. I’m sure he will be only too happy to have a go when he goes to visit his cousin.

It was very easy to assemble. Most of it was already built – we just needed to attach the handlebars, which clipped in easily. A very sturdy, bright trike with a cute face to appeal to children. A child would not be able to disassemble or fold down so it is safe to leave them playing on it once they are steady with moving forwards and backwards and steering.

I would 100% recommend this as a first trike for a 2 year old, happy that it would last them for a couple of years until they were ready for a bigger or a 2 wheel bike. Great value for money.

Rating: 5/5
RRP: £23 – £30

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