Halloween Sweet and Chocolate Hamper Review


Reviewed by M Wright

Halloween sweet and chocolate hamper

We’re big sweet and chocolate treats fans in this house – we believe in sweet treats awards!  We’re also the ones to make the effort for Halloween on the street too – from window decorations with a door wreath to large spiders on cobwebs hanging from the gutters!

To have the opportunity to review a sweets Halloween hamper seemed like the perfect fit for us!!

The hamper was delivered and signed for, neatly and carefully packaged.  Inside the brown box was lots of padding to ensure our package got to us safely.  Under a layer of shredded white paper appeared a beautiful 12 inch wicker basket (I have a weird obsession for baskets)!  This basket was buckle fastened twice at the front with strong leather straps – a really good quality basket that you could use again.  I am all for reusable packaging.

Once opened, the basket revealed a crisp covering of orange tissue paper and a small Halloween themed A6 notecard with a message from the hamper team.  The notecard had small illustrations of Halloween figures on it which I thought was a lovely touch.  I’m sure here you could add a message to personalise your purchase if you intended to send this item as a gift someone.

I unfolded the tissue paper to find the hamper packed to the top with yummy goodies!  The company had tried to select Halloween type confectionary including lots of super sour sweets, Dracula teeth and toxic water sweets!  My kids were going to love this!!  I pulled out the chocolate and sweets (which took a while) and decided to arrange and take photos before my kids little hands got to it!

The list of the contents was a long one and included lots of my favourites like flying saucers (I eyed them straight away and plan on keeping those for myself)!

Here’s a full list of the confectionery found in the basket: Flumps, Jelly Tots, Toxic Waste, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, large bar of Galaxy Smooth Orange, Fizz Wiz Popping Candy, Milky Way Stars, Chomp bar, two Fudge bars, Fruit Salad Chewits, striped bag of Giant Strawberry’s, striped bag of large fizzy Dracula Teeth, sharing bag of Haribo Tangfastics, two packs of Zed Candy Strawberry Jawbreakers, Crazy Sour Skittles, Crispy M&Ms, large bag of Toffee Poppets, Maltesers, Chewits Sour Apple Chews, large bag of Vimto Flying Saucers, Strawberry Candy Can, Giant Fizzers and six fruity lollipops!

We’ve been delving into the hamper all weekend – it’s such a lovely gift and so well packaged.  This hamper is the Halloween sweet and chocolate hamper at just under fifty pounds – there is another one available priced just under forty pounds.

On the website there are numerous hampers to choose from – all that would make gifts for a seasonal celebration such as Halloween or Christmas but also for a birthday etc.. just personalise the card and choose the tissue colour.

The gifts range from XL hampers to Haribo bouquets, to sweet boxes and even a retro sweets in jars hamper that really caught my eye.  It’s a fab, easy to use website that makes sending gifts to friends and family who are not near by really easy – and a lovely alternative to a bouquet of flowers!  Who wouldn’t love sweet treat goodies delivered to their doorstep?!!

Rating: 5/5

Reviewed by M Wright

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