Scrawl Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

Scrawl is an adult party game (17 years plus), produced by Big Potato.

What’s a better place than a beer festival with 42 real ales and 8 ciders to try out this game? We started after tasting our first half pint and we were all pleased with the choices we made, so with our second half pint in hand, I brought out the yellow box Scrawl and explained the game to the rest of the group. The group were given their numbers 1 to 4.

Each player received a little white board with their number on one side and a clip at the top along with a tiny black felt piece of cloth and a black felt tip pen. Each player was also given 3 scrawl cards which are blank on one side.

The scenario cards are made up of 4 colours with each side having half of one colour and within this colour is a written scenario. I asked one player to choose one of the four colours, so we started playing with the white scenarios. The scenarios were a bit obscure, but we drew what we could (definitely the hardest part), and then handed this to the player on our right. They then wrote on the scrawl card what they thought we had drawn and handed it onto the next person who drew what was now written on the scrawl card onto another scrawl card and then the final person had to write on another scrawl card what they thought it was about!

The results were hilarious with some drawings really clear and easy to work out whilst others bore no relation to the initial scenario. We started scoring but on the second round gave up as it was fun just seeing what people had written and drawn.

After some more beer, we then tried out another colour for the scenarios and started drawing these. These scenarios were more risqué, and it was funny to see what drawings players drew as a result of their scenario but also the interpretations of the drawings. An ideal game to play at this sort of do (drinks strongly advised), and players got more daring as they continued to play.

This is a game which we would play again as the concept is very good but we felt some less obscure scenarios were also needed. The white boards were good but on the small side. The clips were strong and sturdy and scenario cards the right size. The colours used for the scenario cards were contrasting so clear and modern looking and the box was fine though a pouch with a drawstring at the top would make it easier to store all the pieces at the end of the game and easier to take to places, together with a clip for keeping the tiny felt cloths together would be beneficial. The little felt cloths cleaned the boards and scrawls really easily, though these cloths were easy to misplace due to being so small among the bits and bobs of beer charts, snacks, glasses which were also on the table.

Scoring was not needed here but it could be used when you have really competitive players though what you consider the best was a matter of opinion for some players!

There were two downsides, one of which was the small pens as the nibs became thick after a few turns, so it was hard to draw the detail in a drawing and secondly as already mentioned the size of the whiteboards, these could be a little bigger.

Nevertheless, I will be taking it on the next hen do weekend!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £25

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