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Where I live the traffic is getting worse, wherever you look new houses are springing up and contributing to traffic delays. Luckily I only live 4 miles from work but my journey time has significantly increased in the last couple of years purely due to the volume of traffic. The company I work for is on a really busy road and traffic at 5pm was getting so bad and adding so much time on to commutes that the management decided to alter our start and finish times to try and avoid peak times. Luckily this flexibility has helped, and staff are much happier now.

One option some of the more local people were considering was different means of transport, one colleague was considering a scooter, not only would it mean he could nip in and out of the traffic more easily but it also would help him financially as it would be much cheaper to run. Another plus point was the environmental impact because of the reduced C02 emissions.

For anyone looking for a scooter then is worth a look; they are an online retailer of high-quality and visually stunning scooters, available from 50cc to 125c. They are the number one scooter brand in the UK and have a huge range of scooters at unbeatable prices, they do this by selling direct, not having a middleman means they can keep their prices extremely competitive.

I have never driven a scooter but I am told that they are very easy to drive and being so small it is very easy to park, no more driving round and round the car park looking for a space. If you are not sure which one is for you then they have a 360-degree tool to check out the models from every angle as well as a video clip to help you make the right decision.  

All their scooters come with a one year unlimited mileage warranty and there is the option to take out an extended four year warranty when you buy a scooter from them.

Scooters are available in two engine sizes, 50cc and 125cc. A 50cc one would be perfect for me as I am only travelling 4 miles each way and with fuel costs constantly increasing this would be a good way to save money too. With a top speed of 30mph it would be great for nipping to work and doing errands on. If I was travelling further the 125cc would be a better option, these have a top speed of 60mph, so a very viable choice for many people.

If you decide to purchase a scooter then it is very important to have insurance. can help you with this and you can choose from the usual options of third party insurance, third party fire and theft or comprehensive insurance. Each policy covers you for different things so make sure you read the small print to ensure you are adequately insured. They recommend Scoot Scoot Insurance to compare low price scooter insurance where you can quickly compare quotes. Buying insurance for the first time can be quite daunting, there are so many questions to answer and it is quite a lengthy process. They will help tailor the policy to suit your circumstances and make buying a new scooter as easy as possible.

Buying a scooter has never been easier, so if you are looking for a cheaper, more environmentally friendly mode of transport with the added benefit of being to nip around queues of traffic then a scooter may be worth looking at.

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