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Science4You Slime Factory Glow in the Dark Review

Reviewed by Ilze Sinfield

My 10-year-old daughter absolutely loves slime. She spends hours playing with it, and is quite a little expert on all things slime.

I must admit, some of the slime kits we’ve had before did not quite live up to our expectations. So, it was all fingers crossed for this one from Science4You!

She was absolutely delighted when she received it. It is certainly a big box and we hoped the actual contents would live up to it.

It did not disappoint! There is a LOT packed into this, including measuring cups, bowl, moulds, straws, colourings, guar gum, gelatine, spatulas and much more.

She was really happy about the little instruction book and dived straight into making her first slime from this kit, a blue, fluffy scented slime.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the slime came out perfect. Relief! It is always so disappointing when it doesn’t quite work out, but this was great.

This is however not a kit that’s a ‘one slime wonder’. The first one barely made a dent in all the ingredients we got.

The second slime was the sticky one, which we made together. It is actually a really lovely way to spend some quality mum and daughter time together.

My hands got rather sticky and colourful though… I of course completely forgot about gloves! My bad! It wasn’t too big of a problem, luckily, as it came off after just a few washes. The slime was once again great, and as I soon found out, weirdly addictive. Now I finally know why the kids spend so much time playing with this stuff!

I love that the factory has so many different things to make, not just slime! It sets out very clearly all that is needed for every experiment and which of it is included in the kit. There are some interesting facts throughout the booklet in a way that doesn’t make it feel like learning, and I also really loved that they had a little quiz in the back. Great for inquisitive kids!

It has almost everything you need, and if you do need to add anything from your own cupboards, it is normal, everyday things that most homes would have.

This was an awesome choice to get, especially during the summer holidays when the kids get bored easily. The price on this is more than reasonable, considering that there will be many hours of fun to be had, even after these we’ve already made so far. Overall, we were both very happy with the slime factory. There’s a lot in there to do, with the box stating 19 activities.

We rate this an easy 4.5/5. My daughter remarked that the only criticism she could give about this slime factory, was that even though the slime factory was aimed at kids, some of the words used was not part of her everyday language, so she needed to check what it meant.

However, with the sturdy, colourful packaging, lots of good content, great instructional booklet and the great results with every use, it is easy for us to recommend this wholeheartedly.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £20

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