Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Collection Express Pedi Gift Set Review

Reviewed by Becky Speller

I was massively excited to be given this pack to review as had heard from a friend how fantastic the express ‘Pedi’ is and she had been telling me to invest in one. I have spent a fortune in the past on these ‘home’ remedies for hard skin on your feet (which I suffer badly from), so was dubious to waste money on another one, all I can say is Wow!!!!

I will review each item in the pack separately:

Diamond Express Pedi
Ok so this is the main part of the pack and the bit that I was most interested in trying. The instructions are written on the side of the box and are easy to follow. They also come ready with batteries, which is an added bonus as you are ready to go straight away!!!

I was amazed at the results it is fast, easy to use and removes loads of hard skin without catching the skin. You get no burning sensation with it and there is very little mess (probably best to do it over a towel though). Also it is very powerful unlike some of the other brands I have tried.

You really have to try this to see how great it actually is. Straight after my feet felt lovely and soft and there was no pain involved at all. The other pedi’s I have tried are nowhere near as good as this not even in the same ball park! I know this on its own retails at £30 and would be worth every penny! It will save me a fortune in chiropodist’s bills. Honestly a miracle thing to have.


Velvet Smooth Intense Serum- 30ml
Again I have tried so many of these creams on my feet and haven’t found one I am overly impressed with at a reasonable price. The one I normally use (similar price to this) had a horrible clinical smell to it.

This is a serum and not a cream and it smells fantastic. I put it on straight after using the Pedi, and it immediately makes your feet feel better and has an almost cooling effect. It is not greasy, soaks straight in and leaves your skin feeling so soft. I then applied it again a couple of days later and was really pleased with the results my skin felt completely different.  I have also been using it on my hands as well.

I am now using it every night and I will definitely buy it again, as I think it is brilliant value for money. Also because it is a serum, a little goes a long way which makes it even more of a bargain. Fantastic quality product at a great price.

Scholl Party Feet
I have never tried these before. I was not going out anywhere but tried these on with my Christmas party shoes and wore them round the house. You stick them in your shoe and they ease the pain and burning on the balls of your feet.

They make such a difference and my normally ‘impractical’ shoes are now very comfy. They also stop a pair of heels I have that are too big slipping. They are also washable and can be re-used however I haven’t had a chance to try this. Another great product can’t wait to try the other things.

Pedicure Essentials
Cuticle sticks
These are pretty standard but are great in this pack as part of the home pedicure experience.

Toe Separators
Again a fairly standard item which does the job perfectly well!

Nail File
This is a good quality nail file which removed the ridges from my nails and filed them well. Lovely that it matches the colours as well!

Nail Art Stickers
I wasn’t expecting these to stick so was really surprised when they did. They finish the party look off really well and you can use them on your fingernails too. I did apply a top coat to ensure that they stayed on, and they did even when washing up.

Included in the pack is also a £10 voucher to be used against the new Scholl Nail Care System which I will definitely be buying.

Overall I was really impressed by this pack. However I think the one drawback for me is the cost. At 79.99 for the pack I do think it is overpriced as I think you could probably buy the items separately for less. The packaging could be improved on as well, as it is quite clinical and does not look much like a gift.

I cannot give this less than 5/5 though, purely based on the express – Pedi alone. Thoroughly enjoyed this review. Not sure about the cost of the gift pack though!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £79.99

Available to buy from Amazon (currently £40) here.


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