Sabor OLE Spanish Food Samples Review


Reviewed by Emma Booth

I received some lovely food from the Spanish Fine Foods company called Sabor OLE that sell a wide variety of Spanish food. I received some breadsticks with a cheese cream, some potato purée and some chorizos.

I started off by trying the La Chinata potato purée, we were having sausages and veg so I thought this was accompany this dish perfectly. I was sort of expecting this to taste like instant mash but couldn’t have been more wrong. There wasn’t that artificial bland taste that you have with instant mash, this was very easy to prepare it comes in a can so you just have to heat it up and it’s ready to serve. This is made with carefully selected potatoes with extra virgin olive oil and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Gluten fee. RRP: £2.75


The cheese cream with extra virgin olive oil I tried with the breadsticks, personally for me I found the cheese cream a rather acquired taste very strong and tangy, where I wasn’t keen on the taste another family member thought it was great like nothing you’d find in the supermarket. RRP: £3.45


The La Chinata breadsticks (“Picos” Spanish Tapas Crackers) were nice short crunchy sticks perfect for snacking or using with a dip. I noticed there are very few ingredients and no preservatives no artificial colours just wholesome food that tastes like good food should. RRP: £1.95


When it comes to the chorizos, in the package are mini chorizos (choricinos) cooked in cider, they come in a tin with easy open, you have to heat slowly for 12-15 minutes and it is ready to eat. As soon as they were cooked up they were gone in a flash I barely got a look in but they were delicious and liked by the whole family as they were full of flavour, the best I’ve tasted yet, we had ours just as they were as a snack. RRP: £4.30


All the food I tried was tasty authentic Spanish food that was beautifully packaged in black with silver writing on the box. I’ve never heard of this company before so didn’t know what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed trying something different. The company do a wide variety of Spanish food and I would definitely buy from here. I would recommend this place to people and encourage them to maybe try things they wouldn’t normally. I also thought the prices were very reasonable

Rating: 4/5

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4 Star

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