Rumble Live Action Gaming Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

On bank holiday Monday, my family and I had the opportunity to experience a Star Wars themed laser tag event at Rumble Live in Cambridgeshire. We have tried a similar experience before as a ****** (editor’s note – brand name removed) event and my children were left disappointed as the venue was merely on an open field with some plastic marked areas to play in. There was also an overload of participants so there wasn’t much of a tactically game play present, kids were just standing around shooting one another with no places to hide.

This time however, we experienced the real deal! The venue, at Grafham Water Park, is ideal with trees for cover. With plenty of wooden towers and bases to make use of, my children and I enjoyed getting into the action.

The event started with a guidance session on the use of the weapons. It was quite a lot of information to take in and I was concerned that my daughter and I would struggle but when it came to using the item, it was pretty easy with only a couple of buttons to push to activate different guns. Apart from your weapon, the only other gear you have to carry is the head band that allows other participants to target you. Complete with war paint and characters – Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper and a cheeky Jawa were milling around the action ground – we prepared for our mission. We even had grenades that, once activated at the base camp, would be able to take out weapons of all participants in a 3 metre area.

Once the first game started, the fun really started. The weapons were easy to use and my 8-year old daughter could manage using and carrying one for the duration of the session. The hour-long session only started once the first game started so we had a complete hour playing the actual games. We played five different games with various goals that challenged us and made us work together as a team. The accuracy of the weapons was also very impressive, I’m not much of a gamer but these really worked incredibly well.  In the end, the imperial forces won (that would be our team) and a successful day was had by all.

After our session, we made our way to the cafe for some lunch and a well deserved ice-cream for all our efforts. Just important to note that there aren’t any toilet facilities at the Rumble event and it would be wise to nip to the main building before your session. Car park charges are operating and the cafe does get rather busy at lunch so waiting times apply.

Rating: We are all happy to rate this event as 5/5!   We recommend this for anyone who enjoys laser tag or live action gaming and definitely suitable for all ages. We made it a family event but it works well as a party too.

Tickets can be booked here and prices start from £15 per person.

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