Rose and Caramel Nudity Spray Tan Review


Reviewed by Alison Bretherton

Stuck at home for 3 months during the Coronavirus Lockdown, I was feeling pretty pale and uninteresting, having been denied any of my usual sun-seeking trips abroad. So I was delighted to be selected to test the Rose and Caramel Nudity Spray Tan for What’s Good To Do.

The canister arrived safely, being well packaged in a bubble wrap bag. The can itself is very tastefully designed, pure white with writing in black and a yellow logo. So it looks fine on your dressing table or bathroom shelf, it doesn’t scream “Fake Tan”.

This self tanning product is described as “the UK’s first cream based spray tanning solution” and is advertised as being suitable for any skin tone.
The product arrived with a small leaflet explaining how to use it and describing the rest of the range.

I have always been wary of self tanning products, because a) they always smell of biscuits and b) they make a mess of sheets and towels and clothing.
Using a self tanner is a bit of an experiment, and you should allow yourself plenty to time to get used to the product. Lockdown was a perfect situation for me to try it out, since I wasn’t going to be going out anywhere for a few days!

You must read the leaflet carefully before you start to apply the product. I have to say, the leaflet is incredibly annoying, as every single word in it has an initial capital letter! (It Reads Like This All The Way Through!) Just a small thing, but it could have been avoided!

It is essential that you prepare your body by shaving and exfoliating so you have as smooth a skin surface as possible. You could moisturise the day before you apply the Nudity spray tan, but the skin should be free of any other product when you start to use the spray. It is recommended that you carry out a patch test 24 hours before you apply the product fully, in case of allergy.

There is a useful video on Rose and Caramel’s Facebook page, which shows a model applying the spray. On the video it tells you to hold the can 15 cm from your skin. However, on the can, it says to hold it 25-30 cm away! So, I plumped for about 20 cm away. The instructions tell you to mist over the skin, using a continuous movement. The skin should have a slight sheen, but should not look wet, and the product should not be dripping. I found it quite tricky to apply evenly, as the spray is clear, so it is hard to see where you have already sprayed. You need to apply in a well-lit room. The colour should take between 6-8 hours to develop.

I applied it in the evening, and looked forward to seeing my bronzed limbs in the morning.  Next day, I was pleased with the colour of my new tan, it is quite a natural looking bronze colour, not too orange. However, I was left with huge white patches where I had missed areas of skin while applying. So I had to repeat the process the following night to try to get an even look!  The best things about this product are: natural looking colour; no horrible smell, in fact no smell at all; does not stain sheets or clothing (95% transfer free).

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from the Rose and Caramel website here.

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