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Revell Control Advent Calendar Truck Review

Reviewed by David Savage

We love remote control toys from Revell, and love building them. This Christmas Revell have a RC model truck (1:20 scale) that comes in the form of an advent calendar; 24 pieces each behind a numbered window for easy assembly (although I’m not sure how many children would open one window per day to assemble the truck on Christmas morning).

This arrived in a rather large box with the flap opening on the front to reveal the numbered panels (1-24). Behind each panel is a part to assemble the RC Truck. The lid also shows picture instructions on how to assemble each piece.

Obviously as we had to review this item we couldn’t wait until December to start opening the windows so had to start straightaway. Although this is recommended for 8 years + I had 4 years old twin boys only too willing to help (or hinder!).

Opening each window in order and following the easy picture assembly instructions we had this fully assembled in around 30-40 minutes. Depending on the age of the child you will be giving this to, it might require some adult help as pieces have to be screwed together (a small screwdriver is supplied behind another window). Once assembled the truck measures approx. 22x14x12cm so is quite large. It requires 6x AA batteries (supplied behind one of the windows); 2 for the remote control and 4 for the truck.

So, once assembled and the batteries installed we were ready to see how well we could drive it! It’s very easy to control as the remote has buttons for forward, reverse, left and right. The buttons are very responsive and truck responds very well. We were trying it indoors on laminate flooring and it runs very well and at a good speed (we even were able to force the truck to skid to stops). We have also tried it outdoors and it gets a good distance before losing the remote signal (approx. 10 metre range). The remote is very comfortable to hold and the handling on the truck is very precise. When it didn’t run in a true straight line, there is a trimming notch on the bottom of the truck that you can adjust to correct the issue (just move the arrow left of right to compensate).


Overall, this is a fantastic model RC truck. It is fairly easy to assemble and the step-by-step picture instructions are very easy to follow (although it didn’t quite show where the aerial on the truck went, although there was a small hole on the roof which I assumed it went through). It’s very easy to control and very precise.

So if you don’t want to be giving your children (or the big kid in your family) a chocolate advent this Christmas, this is an excellent alternative. Not only do they still get to open an advent window each day and take out the gift, they get to assemble the pieces and on Christmas Day will have a great toy to play with. With a chocolate advent, on Christmas morning you just have an empty box, while with this you will still have an empty box alongside a fantastic toy.

With a retail price of around £24.99 it is great value for money. Not only an advent, but something you will have fun building (so spending quality time with your child) and then have a toy to play with afterwards.

Now, we have been using it for a couple of weeks and with the helpful hands of 4 year olds it has been smashed in to walls, chairs, other toys (one has even sat on and tried to ride it!) and is still in perfect condition. So if it can stand up the attention of 4 years olds fighting over it and driving it into things and hasn’t been damaged, it should last a very long time. It seems very durable and robust.

A fantastic gift for Christmas! We would highly recommend it (although I think the cat has other ideas as we have to put her in another room or outside when using it as she really doesn’t like it).

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Revell Control models are available from all good toy and model stores, Amazonor for details visit


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