Reg&Bob Collar and Lead Review

Reviewed by Julie Hayward

I received a wonderful parcel from Reg&Bob. It was a vibrant collar and lead set for my cheeky Cocker Spaniel, Jake. Included in the package was two little post-cards featuring adorable photos of the dogs who are the companies name sakes and inspiration, Reg and Bob, who you can read about website, you can also follow them on Instagram @regandbob.

The website is really straightforward to navigate. I had a choice of colours for the collar and lead, orange, green, red, purple and blue. Each has its own contrasting stripe orange/brown, green/blue, red/brown, purple/black and blue/black. The stripe is a simple design but very effective. I chose the orange as it would look stunning against Jake’s golden coat. The collar comes in two sizes small-medium (28cm to 43cm) £15 and medium-large (40cm to 66cm) £16. It was easy to gauge the one I required for Jake a I used a flexible sewing tape measure around his neck, equally you could always measure an existing collar to find the length needed. Although Jake is small in stature, the older he gets the stockier he has become, affectionately known as fat-boy!

I was impressed with how durable the material is, it is made from polypropylene webbing, the clasp is robust black plastic as is the D ring to which the lead can be attached. The collar is fully adjustable and it was easy to get the correct fit by matching it to his old collars length at this point it was apparent that it was a better quality item and the width of material, 25mm across sat comfortably around his neck. Jake strutted around excitably when I first put it on him helped, I’m sure, by the amount of praise he received about what a posh boy he looked. He soon however settled in his favourite comfy spot on the sofa, there was no negative reaction to having a new collar.

The matching lead is made from the same durable material, both have the unique Reg&Bob label sewn in. Priced at £17 the lead length is 116cm from the clip to the end and is 20mm width, which does feel comfortable to hold. The loop handle and the clip are secured with a large cross stitched, all edges are finished neatly with no visible fraying or rough edges, indicating a good quality item that will last the many rigors of dog walking and the inevitable pulling of an exited pup ready to go on his adventures. The lead can be securely attached to is matching collar by the sturdy metal clasp which has a swivel feature making a great safety feature when a curious Jake meets his furry friends. Both the collar and lead are machine washable at 30°, which is an important consideration when summer walks often include the beach, in winter mud is always a feature and of course being a spaniel water is irresistible.

When designing the collars and leads for Reg&Bob it was important to the owners that “dogs should be dogs”, this is an ethos I strongly believe in. They go on to say “Any dog wearing Reg&Bob is smart but never over dressed and always ready for an adventure”.

Rating: 5/5

Cost from £15

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