Redcandy Surfs Up VW Campervan Money Bank


Reviewed by Laura S

I was thrilled when I was ask by ‘What’s good to do’ to review REDCANDY Surfs Up VW Campervan money bank. Perfect for Father’s Day I thought!

My husband is very fond of VW Campervans and surfing. Both take him back to his youth when he went traveling with friends, ‘living the dream!’.

I know he would love a VW Campervan of his own in the future to relive the adventure and in turn introduce our own children to VW Campervans and surfing. This is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him.

The VW Campervan money bank arrived in a nice but simple box which clearly detailed what was inside. I was surprised it wasn’t wrapped in a protective layer on the inside but luckily the outer box was well protected. 

There was a square silver holographic sticker on the box which stated that the money box was an official VW product. I thought this was a nice touch, particularly for enthusiasts that collect official products. 

The money bank is perfect Father’s Day gift for VW Campervan enthusiasts. The T1 model of Campervan is decorated in a vibrant psychodelic print of orange, yellow and green circles with the all important surfboard on the roof. 

The decoration is very precise with no imperfections. You can clearly see a lot of thought has gone into the decoration. With the funky physcodelic print on the sides of the Campervan and on top of the surfboard. Each window is on there and then down to finer but all important details such as: windscreen wipes, VW logo on the front, VW Collection written in the front plate & VW Camper on the rare plate.

The slot to place coins or notes into the money bank is at the top on the surfboard and there is also a plastic plug on the underside which can be removed if you need to open the money bank. The money bank is a decent size  H8 x W18.5 x D7.5cm and could hold a lot of money. 

The Campervan is ceramic made and light weight. It feels of good quality but definitely not for letting little hands near. Both of my children have been drawn to the VW Campervan’s cool design and that it is a money bank which they love the idea of. They are very jealous of Daddy. 

If like me, you have Father’s Day gifts to buy for a recipient that never has any idea what they would like, then I would say this is a perfect gift. I would never have thought to buy the money bank before. Surfs Up! VW Campervan money bank retails for £29.99 which I think is on the expensive side for an everyday purchase but acceptable value for a gift. Especially, if you know it will be loved by the recipient and it does look very cool. We’ve started putting money in it to save up for our VW Campervan. I score the Surfs Up! VW Campervan Moneybank 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

It can be purchased from the Redcandy website here.

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