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Rainy Day Fun with Smiggle Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

We love Smiggle in our house – it nearly always features on my girls’ Christmas and birthday lists and it almost doesn’t seem to matter what the item is – they love it all and it’s almost the treat of having a Smiggle item that seems to delight them. And I can see why – the Smiggle items are always very cute, very quirky and fun, and are fantastic quality items as well. I have always found with my girls that it’s not just the Smiggle pens that make the difference – just having their normal pens and pencils stored in funky pencil cases makes them want to use them all the more!

When the weather outside is dreary and wet, the brightness and cheer of Smiggle could be ideal tonic to inject a bit of sparkle into the day, and we were lucky enough to be sent a fantastic selection of products from Smiggle’s current range to try out. We were sent:

  • Pencil cases and keychains from the Sleepy Sprouts range
  • Pencil case and Slapband from Colour Change range
  • Mystery Mochi Minis and Smigglets Party Mix blind bags
  • Bunny Goo

The Sleepy Sprouts stuff is what the kids went for first, and it really doesn’t surprise me! The range comprises pencil cases and keychains which are soft, fluffy, scented sleeping babies, and they are absolutely gorgeous! There are five different sprouts available – a lilac unicorn, blue reindeer, pink bunny, peach cat and turquoise penguin, each with a different scent. The sprouts are beautifully soft and very stroke-able and the girls did just sit and stroke them for a while!

They have a Velcro flap, which you unfasten and unwrap your sleeping baby from her swaddling. This then reveals the pencil case zip, which is the high quality and smooth type that I have come to expect from Smiggle. Their little faces are really very sweet, all featuring sleeping babies – we particularly liked the varying skin tones of the babies. My older daughter has darker skin and hair than my younger one, and often comments about most dolls having blonde hair and light skin, so she loved the difference with these. There is plenty of room in the pencil case for plenty of pencils and felt tips or whatever the kids decide they want to store in them – my youngest has decided that she’s going to store all of her little collectable figures in them.

The pencil cases (RRP: £12.50) each have a matching little keychain (RRP: £7), which is perfect for the kids to clip to their school bags. They are a good size, and have the same tactile, soft fluff as the bigger pencil cases and the same attractive sweet scents. The quality of all of the Sleepy Sprouts is fantastic and they are all put together very well.  The kids really do love them and they are a fantastic way to brighten any damp, rainy day.

We were also sent a unicorn slap-band and pencil case from another one of Smiggle’s ranges – this time the Colour Change range. The colour change items are made from a heat sensitive plastic and change colour with body heat. We were sent the orange pencil case and navy blue unicorn slap-band to try out and they thought they were great.

The orange Color Change A5 Pencil Case (RRP: £8.50) is a great size – ideal for taking into school and is plain enough to be allowed into school (our kids’ school has banned overly fancy ones), but is still great fun. Holding it tightly in your hand or breathing on it changes the colour from the vibrant bright orange to a light, pastel link.

The slapband (RRP: £4.50) is navy blue with unicorns and swans printed on it, and a removable unicorn charm, which is also made from the colour change rubber material. This one changes colour much more readily than the pencil case, and changes to a vibrant purple just from the heat of wearing it. The slap-band also has a lovely, fruity smell which both of the girls really loved, and I have to say that I agree!

One of the massive current big things in kids’ toys are blind bag collectables, and Smiggle have their own offerings for these too. We were sent a few to try out – traditional plastic collectables called Party Mix (RRP: £3), soft gummy collectables called Mystery Mochi Minis (RRP: £2) and collectables contained in a pot of goo called Character Goo (RRP: £7).

I have to be honest and say that I genuinely do not understand the attraction of things like this, but I do know that the kids go mad for them. There seems to be something strangely addictive about opening a blind bag to see if you have a new character to add to your collection, or if you have ended up with another for the swapsies pile. The nice things with these ones is that there isn’t an endless list of hundreds to collect, so it shouldn’t cost a fortune should the kids want to go for the full set.

My two particularly loved the Character Goo one – probably because it is two toys in one! The kids get a pot of goo (we were sent the bunny version which is pink, but unicorns, mermaids, dinosaurs, sharks and even poo are also available, each in their own different colour slime), and hidden within is a little plastic toy – it’s like a Kinder Surprise with goo instead of chocolate! The pot is completely resealable which is always a bonus and it keeps their slime contained and my carpets and sofa safe!

These items from Smiggle are fantastic fun and should help to brighten up any dreary, rainy day. Yet again, Smiggle have hit the mark with their fun, quirky and top-quality stationery and trinkets!

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