PyroPet – Einar Unicorn Candle Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

I am candle mad – I absolutely love them and nearly always have a candle burning in the house, usually one of the highly scented large candles in glass jars, and mostly pretty standard in shape and form. I love the look of burning candles in the evening as well as the smell of the scented candles but I have to say that I don’t tend to buy candles for the way they look – I have never really thought of them as being anything other that cylindrical in shape, and they are disposable anyway. Well, that is what I used to think until I was sent a PyroPet by 54 Celsius to try out.

The PyroPet range of candles are like nothing else I have ever seen before, and in many ways have got to be the definition of quirky! I was sent Einar to review, who is a unicorn but the range also features a cat, a reindeer, a rabbit, an owl and more. For most premium candles, it is the scent that sets them apart from the competition but for these candles, it is the look. The whole range are beautiful, modern and very angular looking creatures and the unicorn one that I was sent really is stunning.

As well as the angular styling, the other immediate difference to a normal candle is the twisted, metal unicorn horn that sticks out of the top of the candle; the reindeer version also features metal antlers that protrude from the top although the rest of the range look a bit more traditional… until you burn them!

Because what sets these candles apart from every other one I have ever seen is the inside. As the candle is burned (and believe me, it’s not easy to burn it – it’s just to pretty!), and the wax melts, a very striking copper coloured aluminium ‘skeleton’ is revealed and the effect really is stunning! The PyroPet candle does burn a little differently to most candles and it is really important to pop it in a plate or saucer before starting to burn it, otherwise you are very likely to end up with a puddle of wax and damaged furniture.

We were sent the candle in lilac, and the different designs are each available in different colours. I found the juxtaposition of the soft, lilac, puddling wax and the very modern, severe and almost Gothic skeleton to be quite beautiful. As I said before, every other candle I have ever owned before has been disposable; you get to a point in the glass jar where it will no longer light and it goes into the bin. Not so with this one, and once the candle is finished (which takes quite some time – this one has a burn time of around 16 hours), you are still left with something very attractive and that will look great in almost any lounge. The candle is around 8 inches tall ( 5.1 x 2.6 x 8″), meaning it is big enough to look great, even from across the room.

These candles aren’t scented at all, which actually does make a nice change. Whenever my dad comes round, I have to make sure I haven’t been burning candles because the smell seems to get on his chest and he can struggle to breathe. This one doesn’t affect him at all in that respect as it is scent free and 100% paraffin wax.

I really loved having this candle in my home. It is beautiful, unusual and definitely quirky. The mixture of the lilac feminine unicorn giving way to the masculine, metal skeleton is very interesting and a fabulous concept. I have had lots of comments from visitors to the house about how much they like Einar, and I am really delighted that even when the candle is gone, we are still left with something beautiful. At £29, it is certainly a luxury candle but I think it’s a brilliantly unusual quirky product and the statement pieces rarely come cheap!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29

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