Push for Pizza Review: Papa John’s Outdoor Delivery Spots Are Back With A buzz And Free Pizza This Bank Holiday Weekend


Reviewed by Kelvin Tebbs

With the bank holiday fast approaching and lockdown having been recently eased for the UK, what better way then to celebrate our freedom with food being brought to us whilst hanging out at our local park, or another nearby location where we might be enjoying the scenery. You might be hungry whilst reading a good book, feeling peckish having just fed some ducks with your family, or working up an appetite on the beach with a few of your closest friends. Papa John’s Pizza is here to help us achieve the perfect food and fun balance, with the re-release of the Papa John’s Outdoor Delivery Spots.

© Max Lacome, Push For Pizza, Papa John’s, Victoria Park, London, 23/05/2021

That being said, what is even better than food being conveniently brought to us, how about free pizza? For some lucky people who happen to be based in and around London, this Bank Holiday weekend, Papa John’s is offering us a free feed! To grab your free pizza, and help Papa John’s celebrate the re-launch of their alfresco Delivery Spots service, simply hunt down one of their ‘Push for Pizza’ buttons/stand which will be making an appearance across London on Saturday 29th May. It is starting with some of East London’s most popular parks (including the like Victoria Park, London Fields Park, Hackney Marshes Park and Clissold Park).

© Max Lacome, Push For Pizza, Papa John’s, Victoria Park, London, 23/05/2021

For those of us who are not lucky enough to win a free Papa John’s pizza, we can still benefit from having warm delicious pizza delivered to us when and where convenient over the coming weekend, weeks and in fact months. If you are anything like me with a busy schedule, having a delivery service like this means less time to waste grocery shopping and having more time doing the things that we love.

Having experienced and tested the Papa John’s delivery Spots yesterday, I was able to achieve more in my day. I would thoroughly recommend this service. Whilst my daughter and wife were feeding the ducks at our local park, I popped onto the Papa John’s App (instead of the website) since I already had the app installed, and was able to ‘find delivery spots near me,’ and selected the nearest location which just so happened to be within the park where they were based. I ordered a delicious (large) BBQ Chicken Pizza, Chicken Poppers and a few other bits. You then pay for your order immediately (also selecting a delivery time slot), knowing it will arrive from the nearest Papa John’s store. Not only was this extremely convenient, but I could even track the order, whilst my order was on-route to us.

The pizza arrived with no-fuss. The delivery driver even called me (although we had already spotted him driving into the car park) and parked up near to us. We eagerly greeted our boxes of yumminess (and the delivery driver) and started to devour our graciously received tasty pizza. For those who may not frequent Papa John’s very often, perhaps you opt for a more (in my opinion) tasteless shop bought pizza, or chose an alternative ‘greecier’ alternative, I would thoroughly recommend Papa John’s Pizza. Not only did it arrive smelling delicious and still hot, I had confidence in the hygiene standards of the delivery service because it came safe with the inclusion of a quality (tamper free) seal which gave me peace of mind, especially considering all of the precautions we are currently taking as a nation to stay safe. I am pleased to say that the pizza was as scrumptious as ever. As a family, we always prefer a BBQ sauce base on our pizza and Papa John’s makes it easy to swap any of their standard pizza’s to meet your specific tastebud requirements. They not only offer half-and-half options so helping to make two people happy, but you can of course ‘create your own’ as well.

Overall, I would recommend and certainly welcome the inclusion of ‘Delivery Spots’ throughout the UK. Papa John’s Pizza is always delicious and if you’re lucky enough to snag a free one this weekend (whilst I might be a little bit jealous), we can all benefit from more time with out loved ones. If you’re anything like me, we have truly missed our friends and family, so why waste time, get out there, socialise and get fed!

I would rate Papa John’s Pizza and the outdoor ‘Delivery Spots’ service: 5 out of 5.

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