Purdy And Figg Figg Hand Sanitiser Christmas Gift Set Review


Reviewed by Colin Hewitt

I’m sure a few Christmas stockings this year will contain a convenient and useful individual bottle or tube of hand sanitiser. But I doubt if many will be as fragrant, stylish, and elegant as the products found at Purdy & Figg.

Nurses Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg founded their company with two fundamental aims; to reduce the number of toxins put onto our skin and lower domestic plastic waste. A lovely potted history of their two-year-old company can be found on their website.

Their range of sanitisers avoid the chemicals used in many sanitising gels; instead, they incorporate pharmaceutical grade alcohol (70%) and essential oils. This creates a natural fragrance and a far less skin-drying product than many others on the market.

I was recently sent the Purdy & Figg Christmas Gift Set to review.

The luxurious handmade blue gift box (undoubtedly sturdy enough for reuse) contains four 50ml glass bottles of hand sanitiser, each of which has been proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria. It is estimated that 50ml should be sufficient for 300 applications.
The collection consists of Purdy & Figg’s three regular fragrances; Original Citrus, Wild Woody and Charlotte’s Floral, together with a limited edition, and very seasonal, Frankincense & Myrrh.

Original Citrus
An uplifting zingy fragrance of pink grapefruit, sweet orange, and the mild camphor smelling naiouli flower (from the same family as Tea Tree, but much softer, and far kinder to sensitive skin).

Wild Woody
This is a blend of earthy smelling vetiver (a grassy fragrance not dissimilar, but milder than citronella), coriander seeds and juniper berry.

Charlotte’s Floral
The essential oils blended here are Rose geranium (which according to some essential oil reference manuals is good for stability, and healthy skin) and an invigorating lemon citrus oil. This has created a very refreshing, floral perfume.

Frankincense & Myrrh
It doesn’t get more Christmassy than this does it? Here the woody, smoky almost earth-like aromas of frankincense and myrrh (which actually have very similar scents) have been blended with sweet orange, pink grapefruit, vetiver and coriander seed, to create a highly original fragrance.

I cannot claim to be an expert in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils; however, I can say that each of these products smelt wonderful and far better than anything that I have purchased recently. While being generously fragrant, they still hold a reassuring overtone of alcohol.

If I had to choose one I would say my favourite was Wild Woody with Frankincense & Myrrh coming a very close second.

Any of these products, either individually, or as a gift box, would make an ideal and, I’m sure, very welcome Christmas present.

As an alternative suggestion, a friend of mine recently attended a covid restricted Wedding. Instead of traditional almonds or sweets, the wedding favours placed on the tables were individual bottles of luxurious hand sanitiser – a great idea to consider, and it would indeed be a talking point.

The Purdy & Figg website has a beautiful collection of hand sanitisers, gift sets and refillable atomisers. Spend some time browsing through it, and I’m sure you will find some lovely gifts for family and friends – or why not treat yourself?

Rating: 5/5

RRP:  £23.99 for the Christmas Gift Set or individual bottles at £5.99

These products can be purchased from Purdy & Figg here.

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