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Project Mc2 Experiment Doll Camryn’s Skateboard Review

ProjectMc2Doll3Project Mc2 Experiment Doll Camryn’s Skateboard

Reviewed by Norman Totton

Having a daughter who is 6, going on 16, and is obsessed with American ‘cool teenager shows’, our house was absolutely buzzing with excitement when we were asked to ret out the Project Mc2 Experiment Camryn Doll.

For those who don’t know, Project Mc2 is a Netflix Original series aimed at girls aged 6-12. We really like the series because it focuses on a group of four teenage girls, each unique, who’s virtues are how smart they are, rather than how beautiful they are or how they dress. We really like the Project Mc2 message, so were delighted to have the opportunity to road test one of the dolls.

My daughter was really happy when we opened the postage box to see the attractive packaging that the doll was displayed in. The doll is a similar size to a Barbie, but that is where the similarities end. Contained in the box is a Camryn Coyle doll, which was instantly recognisable from the TV series. The doll has long brown hair (Abigail was delighted because all of her other dolls are blonde, and having brown hair herself, it was lovely to have a ‘matching’ doll). Its proportions are probably slightly more representative of an average teenager than most fashion dolls, and the doll has movable joints and limbs. She wears cool trousers, sneakers and a top, and has normal, flat feet rather than arched, high-heel ready feet.


Also contained in the packaging is the ‘experiment’, in this case a blueprint to construct Camryn’s skateboard, which can only be viewed once it has been dampened with water, along with various parts to construct the skateboard.

My daughter was really eager to dive straight in to the toy, but did need my assistance to open it up fully and separate all of the small skateboard parts and tools. Once unpacked, we unrolled the blueprints and used a piece of damp paper towel to moisten the paper. The plans / instructions then became visible, and my daughter and I build the skateboard together.


I’m not sure if she could have managed it without adult intervention, but she is right at the bottom of the recommended age range. Still, we very much enjoyed the building task and we were both really pleased with the finished article.

The doll can then use the skateboard, as it has a place where the doll’s feet attach. The skateboard and the doll are both great quality. The doll feels quite substantial, and we really liked the articulated joints as it meant my daughter could manoeuvre the doll into lots of positions whilst she was playing with it. The limbs / joints do occasionally pop out of joint, but it is a matter if a couple of seconds to reattach them and it really wasn’t antsy hardship at all.

I really like that the series and the doll sets itself apart from the run of the mill fashion dolls that focus on clothes, heels and hair. It’s great that the characters’ virtues are based on their personal strengths rather than how they look, and I think that this is a really important message for young kids as currently, there is far too much focus on looks at too young of an age.

We also really enjoyed going on the Project Mc2 website and learning all about Camryn’s character as well as the other characters in the series. There are also games available to play and download, although these all seem to require iOS, and being an android household, we weren’t able to do this.

We really liked this product and will certainly be considering purchasing further characters from the same range.

A really great toy with a difference.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £24.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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