Prevent Everyone Complaining On A Family Hike With These Necessary Items


Going on a family hike is a great way to spend time together and ensure you all stay fit and healthy. However, your partner and the kids might not be so keen on the idea at first. It might sound like too much hard work to them, and they may not be happy about leaving their computers and game consoles at home! There are plenty of ways you can prevent them from complaining, though. Just make sure you take these necessary items with you.

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The Correct Footwear

You’ll all be using their feet more they might have done before, so happy feet are key to enjoying the hike! It’s important that none of you go out in some basic plimsolls or trainers. You’ll need the correct footwear that will protect their feet and keep them comfy for longer. Take a look at sites such as Simply Feet for walking boots for you and your partner. Walking shoes for kids can be found in kids’ clothing stores. It could also be worth buying some special hiking socks. These will prevent the boots from rubbing your feet and causing blisters.

Drinks and Snacks

Kids often complain about being hungry and thirsty. And I’m sure your partner might join in with all this complaining while hiking with you! So don’t forget to pack some drinks and snacks into your backpack before you leave home. Water is the best drink to take, especially if it is a hot sunny day. Don’t take carbonated drinks as they often have high levels of hidden sugar. The best snacks are ones that offer plenty of energy, such as bananas and sandwiches.

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Sun Cream

This is another important item you should take with you if it is a hot and sunny day. It’s important to keep everyone happy and comfortable throughout the hike to minimise all their complaining. And one of the best ways to keep them comfortable is to apply plenty of high SPF sun cream. If you don’t, they could end up getting sun burnt and could be in a lot of pain. When you are looking for sun cream for your kids, try and find the highest SPF available, as this will provide them with ample perfection.


Your kids may not appreciate all the picturesque scenery as much as you do. As a result, they could quickly get bored. To prevent this, give them a disposable camera to have throughout the hike. Tell them to take pictures of any pretty views that they see. They will then be happy snapping away as you carry on walking! Once you’re home from the hike, you should send the camera off to get developed. Once the photos are back, you will have some great pictures that can help you remember the walk. And your kids will be very proud of their creative work! Why not frame some of the best ones to display? Don’t forget to also stop for some family photos while you’re out walking!

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