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Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar Review


Reviewed by Lindsey Wilkins

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Every year I buy my family an advent calendar.  We all love Christmas. Having an advent calendar is a fun way to enjoy the countdown to the big day.  Growing up I remember advent calendars were a special part of the Christmas build up and it’s great to see they still are.  Back then in the 70’s they were made of card and everyday as you opened a number there was a picture relating to Christmas behind every window.  Then as the years went on, there were advent calendars containing chocolate!  Things have moved on even more since then and now there are lots of different advent calendars available to buy on the high street BUT this was the first gourmet popcorn advent calendar I had ever seen!  And what a treat this was.

Delivery was quick, and the calendar was well packaged.  It arrived in perfect condition.  Some companies like to go a little bit over the top with the packaging but this wasn’t the case from the Popcorn Shed.  I was really excited to get it open, and it didn’t disappoint!  The advent calendar is lovely, it’s a good size and great quality.  The design is bright and festive.  It blends in well in our home.

There are 24 individual bags inside each window with 6 different flavours of yummy gourmet popcorn.  The flavours are salted caramel, pop ‘n’ choc, cookies and cream, pecan pie, peanut butter and berry-licious.  As each window is opened starting from the 1st December, you receive a small black bag with a portion of popcorn inside.  Each bag of popcorn contains 1 out of the 6 delicious flavours.  The smell of the popcorn is divine.  My initial thought would be that the popcorn would be crunchy, but it is quite soft and still very tasty!

I would say the portion size was good but because it was so delicious I was left wanting more.  But I was very good and waited until the next day to open the next window.  Once I had tried all the beautiful flavours I decided my favourite flavour was cookies & cream.  I was pleased to see the nutritional information I would normally look for was clearly set out on the back, as my daughter has a nut allergy.  It was also great to see the calendar is suitable for vegetarians.

I hadn’t ordered anything from the Popcorn Shed before now.  I had a look on their website.  It was great with plenty to look at.  It was interesting to read cousin’s Sam and Laura are the founders of the Popcorn Shed and have been operating their home grown business in their garden shed since 2016.  I can not believe how many different flavours of popcorn they sell.  Some of them are vegan and gluten free too.  I also noticed it was all very well priced.  I will definitely be buying more.

The advent calendar is different but perfect for any popcorn lover.  Don’t miss out on this great Christmas countdown find!

You can buy this today for £23.99.

Also I must mention, if you order from the website you can subscribe and get 10% off your first purchase.  I will definitely be ordering more for my family members before the 1st December.

Don’t miss out!

Rating: 5/5

Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar [SOLD OUT]

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