Pooch & Mutt Calm and Relaxed Dog Food Review

CalmRelaxedCalm and Relaxed Dog Food

Reviewed by Dawn Watson

I was asked to review Pooch and Mutt’s Calm and Relaxed Dog Food. This was a dog food company that I had not previously heard of so I first of all went online to find out a little bit more about this British company.

Pooch and Mutt was founded in 2008 by Guy Blaskey, his mum was already a well-known founder of her own equine supplements company and after discovering that their family dog was suffering from a problem with his hips Guy asked the nutritionist responsible for assisting with the knowledge that led to the success of the equine products to help him develop a similar product specifically for dogs. Since then and discovering how well his dog became after eating the specially developed food the company has established itself as a leading supplier of dog treats and foods and has won many awards. And all manufactured here in Britain.

Their vision is to create foods and supplements to suit a variety of specific needs and or problems in dogs. All their products are grain free, handmade with blends of natural ingredients to help, whether it perhaps be an excitable dog, a dog needing to lose weight, a dog with not nice breath or even one with a sensitive stomach.

I specifically requested to try the Calm and Relaxed range, as an owner of a highly energetic and bouncy 2 year old collie I thought this sounded just what we needed. There are 5 ranges in total: Calm & Relaxed, Slim & Slender, Digestion & Wind, Move Easy and lastly Fresh Breath. I must mention here the packaging, simple but effective and each range is a different colour and colour coded packaging to match that of the treats they offer in the same ranges.

Although I only received a sample pack it was enough to offer Skye a tasty alternative to her usual dog food. The kibbles were quite small so easily managed by Skye. She can be really picky and fussy with her food and often nibbles a little then leaves it. But this time she ate the lot, it was probably enough in the sample for one small meal, so not enough to see if it helped to calm her but she certainly enjoyed it. I think your dog would need to be using this product solely for a few weeks to notice a difference.

I try to ensure my dog gets good quality food and this range will definitely be one I will now be looking to purchase. I would like to try the range of treats also too. I notice as well as being able to purchase online the nearest store to me is some 25 miles away so online will be the way to go for me personally.

I was also delighted to see that Pooch & Mutt donate food to rescue centres by matching what they buy, what a great idea!

Skye and I would like to give Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed Dog Food 4* – which I am sure will become a 5* once we have more time to try it out.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £13.99 (2kg pack), £41.99 (8kg pack)

Available to buy from Pooch & Mutt here.

4 Star

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