Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth Review


Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth

Reviewed by Shelley East

Whilst on holiday for a week in Great Yarmouth I visited the Pleasure Beach with my family.

The attraction had its own car park and if you pay £4 to park your car within the Pleasure Beach car park they will deduct the parking from any tokens or wrist bands purchased.

We visited during off peak season on a Wednesday. We decided to spend the whole afternoon there and purchased wrist bands for unlimited use of all the rides. The Pleasure Beach was open from 12-5pm which was plenty of time to go on all the rides.

Price List (off peak pricing)
£23 ( 1 adult and a child 0-3yrs)
£17 ( 1 child aged 7+)
£13 ( 1 child aged 4-6yrs)

The wrist bands were excellent value for money. There was a cash machine conveniently located inside and they accepted all major debit and credit cards. The process of buying our wrist bands was quick, easy and the staff were very friendly and efficient.

As soon as we purchased our wrist bands we headed off for some fun as a family. The kids were so excited!

Throughout the whole afternoon we jumped from ride to ride. All the usual fairground attractions you would expect to find including cups and saucers, the waltzers, pirate ship, dodgems, rollercoaster etc. We were truly spoilt for choice.

*Yoyo ride (1 token) giant yoyo swings that spin round. Great fun!

*Mulan Dragon Rollercoaster (2 token/Min height 1.25m) fast rollercoaster! You get covered by the dragons wings unexpectedly and ride in the dark! My eldest daughter aged 8yrs loved this!

*Cups and Saucers (1 token) classic family favourite and my youngest child was able to go on the ride accompanied by an adult. The children went on this ride at least three times!

*Pirate Ship (2token/Min height 1.1m) great fun! Swinging pirate ship that gives a funny sensation in your stomach.

*Fun house (2 token/Min height 1.1m) the fun house contains moving floors and you get to wear 3d glasses. IMPORTANT: no open toe shoes allowed for health and safety reasons. I witnessed lots of people being turned away from this ride as were not wearing suitable footwear. 

*Dodgems (2 token/Min height 1.25m to ride unaccompanied can ride with an adult if 1m) this was a fun family favourite of ours!

*Haunted House (2 token) scary rollercoaster ride. My little ones loved it.

*Orbiter (2 token/Min height 1.37m) great fun! Definitely not for the faint hearted! 

*Snails and fairy tales family ride (1 token/small children to be accompanied by an adult) a fantastic ride that takes you through classic children's fairy tales. We recognised lots of book characters in here. There is an opportunity to buy photos, key rings, fridge magnets etc on exit.

*Big rollercoaster (3 token/children under 0.9 to ride with an adult) another family favourite! Very fast with lots of drops and gets the adrenaline going! We went on this ride four times!

*Drag Cars/Safari train ride (1 token/no height restrictions) great fun for all children aged 0-8yrs.

We tried and tested so many other rides too! It was a fantastic family day out. There were no queues and the children delighted in being able to go on the rides as often as they wanted. There was lots of opportunity to purchase a variety of food, drinks, sweets and ice creams within the Pleasure Beach. You could also take a picnic as plenty of places to sit and eat with your family.

I definitely realised that the health and safety of all the guests on the pleasure beach is very important. Every single ride stipulated the height restrictions and tokens required to ride. The staff checked everyone's height before they were allowed to ride. This may be inconvenient for those who fall a few inches below the required height but I was actually pleased that they took the safety of all users seriously. There were lots of fairground games (extra purchase required) and some include a prize every time. My son played the Frog Frenzy and won a cuddly Union Jack heart. He was very pleased that we had something to take home with us!

To sum up the pleasure beach I would recommend it to any family. It fulfilled all our needs as a family and having several children aged 1, 3, 4 and 8yrs I found lots of rides that each of them could go on and many of the children's rides my youngest child was able to ride if accompanied by an adult. I would recommend measuring your child prior to a visit to the pleasure beach so you know what rides they can enjoy. If spending the whole day/afternoon on the pleasure beach definitely purchase wristbands as you save a small fortune! They do not refund tokens if you don't use them on the day. As we visited on a day during off peak season there was little queuing times so that will vary during busy periods and weekends. Visiting the Pleasure Beach was the highlight of our family holiday and is definitely the best family attraction in Great Yarmouth.

Rating: 5/5

For more information or to book wristbands (20% online discount) click here.

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