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Playmobil the Movie Toys Range Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

There is massive anticipation in our household at the moment – it’s the summer holidays, which means there will be at least one big ‘kids’ movie for my two to see at the cinema, and they’re both big cinema fans! We have already seen Disney’s big summer movie, which they were excited about, but nothing compared to the anticipation of the new Playmobil Movie which lands at the cinema in a matter of days! They are both massive fans of the LEGO Movie franchise, and the two films do look very similar in style, but the thing with this one is that they are both potty about Playmobil toys, so this one appeals to them even more!

As you would expect from a movie that actually stems from a range of toys, there are plenty of toys and playsets available that tie in to the film, but the really nice thing about these ones is that you know they will be top quality toys, not cheap, licensed rubbish! Every Playmobil toy in our house (and there are plenty!) has lasted and lasted, and the kids give them a lot of play time. Lots of film tie-in toys can be overpriced and flimsy, with a few stickers to tie them in to the film. These toys are obviously proper Playmobil sets, so we knew we’d be on to a winner!

There are lots of sets available, including the high-end remote control Rex Dasher’s Porsche, Del’s Food Truck, Charlie’s Prison Wagon and lots more. My two are both unicorn mad, and we were luck enough to be sent Marla in the Fairy Tale Castle (RRP: £34.99) and Marla and Del with the Flying Horse (RRP: £19.99).

The Fairy Tale Castle is a lovely playset – it isn’t one of the large Playmobil buildings, so if you are limited for storage space, it makes a good choice. The set includes a pink castle background, golden candle sticks, mirror and table, small magical animals, a deer, a beautiful white and pink unicorn, as well as Marla in her ballgown, a fairy godmother and a few other magical accessories. Both of the girls were enchanted by the playset, especially the forest animals which can climb the trees and sit amongst the leaves.

Because the main structure of the playset is more of a background than a proper four-walled and roofed structure, assembly only took around fifteen minutes so the kids were away and playing with the set in no time at all. It went together very simply and securely, as Playmobil always does and feels very sturdy to play with. We actually really like the sets that are like this as they can be a bit easier for the kids to get their hands into and they can be a bit easier for them to play with.

The Marla and Del with Flying Horse set is also gorgeous and complements the Fairy Tale Castle set beautifully. There is no building with this one, but there are some really nice figures as well as scenery and accessories so the kids can use their imagination and set their own stage. Included in this set is Marla, this time in a ranch outfit, Del, a gorgeous and pink-winged horse (my youngest went to great lengths to explain that this was actually a Pegasus, which isn’t related to a Unicorn, but that a unicorn with wings is called an Alicorn!). There is also fencing, a ranch sign, barrels, crates and more accessories.

There was virtually no assembly with this set, as there isn’t a building as such, so the kids could use it almost straight out of the box. They have spent several lovely days in the school holidays playing with these toys, which is great to see as it encourages them away from the tablets and towards proper toys and using their imagination. Of course, they haven’t being playing with these in isolation, and when they Playmobil comes out, ALL of the Playmobil comes out, so they have created some fabulous little worlds and stories with the sets!

The movie isn’t out yet, so the kids don’t actually know who the characters are yet, or any kind of plot, so I would imagine when the film is out, they will play with the sets even more. We are delighted with both of the sets, and I have no doubts at all that they will be played with throughout the summer holidays and well beyond. The breadth of the range is great too, and there is something there for everyone, from car fans to horse lovers and those who love mythical creatures too. We’d give them a massive thumbs up!

Rating: 5/5

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