Peter Rabbit Apron and Tabard Review

Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

I was pleased to be chosen to receive two items from Beatrix Potter Gifts by Enesco of the fabulous Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit.

The first item was a tabard (RRP: £9.95) which I would say is suitable from aged 1 to about 3 years old. The second item was an apron (RRP: £5.95) and I would say is suitable for about 2 to 6 years.

I had the choice of picking pink or blue and went for the blue as they are going to be for my 2 year old grandson.

They both came hung on a cute cardboard coat hanger that as Peter Rabbit and other characters printed on.

Both the tabard and apron came with the same design of Peter Rabbit on the front, and I do believe they are available with other characters on like ‘Flopsy etc’. But we loved this design.

This is a really lovely pastel blue colour which to be fair now seen it I would say suitable for a boy or girl.

So firstly, the Peter Rabbit Children Tabard which is approx 18 inch long and has Peter Rabbit on the front. It has a plain back with elastic strips at each side so that it is loose on the body whilst keeping it in place and the tabard slips over the child’s head. Now my grandson struggled a little bit to get it over his head – but once on, it fitted perfect. I wondered if the tabard would be better if it had a Velcro fastener on the shoulder area, only needed on one side so that this would then make it easier to get it on the little one…

Next, the Peter Rabbit Childrens Apron with the same design.

Like a normal standard apron, but with this one the piece  of material that goes around the neck is easily fastened with a Velcro strip, making it very easy to put on it off your child , and also because of the Velcro strip the length is adjustable from 20 inch to about 23 inch, so great as the children grow. The apron has material strips then to fasten around the back, it fitted perfectly.

The aprons and tabard are great for various occasions, like baking, painting or even for when eating something a bit messy!

My grandson wore both of these on many different occasions, but his favourite time of wearing it was when he was enjoying some messy play. They came in very handy when he was painting some pictures for his mummy and daddy, what child doesn’t enjoy messy play, and we didn’t want to worry about get paint on clothes.

Another occasion was when he decided to do a bit of helping Nanan planting some flowers in the garden. It turned out to be more of a mixing mud and water for the little man! But he enjoyed every minute of it, getting splashed with the mud. We also did a bit of baking and again the apron protected all his clothes.

I love to see children get involved in activities like these keeps their little minds busy. My older grandson who is 5 years old even wore the apron to play outside with the water table, – fastened it on at the longest length for him and the apron kept him pretty dry.

The apron and tabard are very easy to clean, with the painting it just needed a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. But with the mud play it needed a little soak just to get it completely off the material straps.

We’ve loved doing this review, we talked lots about Peter Rabbit and the other characters. These are lovely looking, a good quality apron and tabard, easy to look after because of the wipe down material. And both protected the grandkids clothes whilst they had fun!

While the products are excellent, something I would like to mention is how baffled I was with how the items were packed for delivery. A strong box with lots of shredded cardboard, now this maybe ‘standard ‘ packaging for the products the company may supply, but I just found all this a little unnecessary for the product’s I received, especially as we are trying to save unnecessary waste!

Definitely recommend. The summer holidays are here perfect time for some messy play.

Rating: 4.5/5

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