PlayAway Case with Playpod Review


PlayAway Case with Playpod

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Travelling with children is often filled with the familiar 'I'm bored' or 'Are we nearly there yet?' This often stresses us parents out and we do our best to distract them but at times there is only so mug Eye Spy a human can take!

When I was asked to review the Playaway case I jumped at the chance as we are off to Wales in a couple of weeks and I know how tedious my 7yr old finds the 4.5 hour car journey.

Upon arrival I read the attached information and carefully unpacked the case to see what was in it. I was delighted to discover a hidden game underneath the removable Playpod and all the bits you need to play it. Also enclosed was a pack of brightly coloured crayons, a fun looking activity pad and a pack of trivia cards.

Each item was wrapped in cellophane for protection and all fitted into the Playpod nicely.

The fun looking penguin design (Amy-Jo) in the front makes it very eye-catching and easy to spot and the case itself held a fair amount of clothes but could of done with being a little bigger (but it does meet most airlines current hand luggage requirements).

This is a high quality case jam-packed with fun and interesting things to do wherever your journey takes you.

From looking at the Playaway website I see we can print out pictures etc for our journey and found this a fab idea as kids love colouring and drawing don't they!

The price on the website has been reduced from £99 to £79 (for a limited time) but in my honest opinion this is very expensive for a case of this size. As a low income family with more than 1 child we couldn't afford to buy more of these no matter how great they were and I would suggest Playaway maybe look at their pricing as it could potentially put buyers off.

Out of 5 I give this case 4. It would be 5 of the price wasn't as high.

Rating: 4/5

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