Play at Brewers Fayre The Sandpiper Llanelli Review


Reviewed by Lee-Anne McCarthy

As a family of foodies we never pass up an opportunity to sample some good grub so when we were asked to review the new Play at Brewers Fayre The Sandpiper we were hungrily excited. I visited The Sandpiper with my husband and four children Caitlin 11, Jack 8, Finn and Alfie both 3 years old. We were keen to see the big changes that had been made to the Play at Brewers Fayre. All of the children were eager to run around with Dennis the Menace and have fun before we got to sample some delicious food.

We visited the restaurant on a glorious day during a quite busy service. However immediately we were greeted by play staff who showed us to our table in the new play centre. It is clear that the previous play area didn’t have the addition of tables to eat a meal at while also enjoying the play facilities. This is a really nice addition to a very family friendly area. The play centre is very colourful and fully equipped with the latest in soft play equipment. There were a range of areas including a toddler area. The play centre has been themed around the classic kids comic book character Dennis the Menace. My husband commented on how lovely it was to read the comic stories on the soft play. Reminded him of being a little boy and was lovely to introduce our children to. You’re never too old for Dennis the Menace and in my case Minnie the Minx. Throughout our time at the centre play staff were on hand at all times to help and advise children and parents. They were easily identified with Team Menace T-shirts. This is a lovely safety addition for parents being able to remind little ones if there were to lose sight of us they had someone they could go to for help. Also in the centre is a soft drinks bar where children’s drinks and slushes are available for purchase. There are a few grabber machines available however not so many as to have a constant nagging of can I have, can I have.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Play at Brewers Fayre offers a range of children’s activities that run 3.30-7pm including arts and crafts. It seems to me the once family restaurant is becoming a real centre for family entertainment. For a Mum who hates to see the use of a screen by children it’s lovely to find a fun wholesome place that offers electronic free fun and frolics for her little people. The other fantastic offer was the daytime unlimited hot drinks on certain coffees. What a perfect combination when entertaining toddlers. Mummy merrily cradling a cup of coffee while little hands and feet climb, explore and generally wear themselves out.

The Sandpiper play centre offers a fantastic party room. It is wonderfully decorated in the same Beano themed accessories. Tables and chairs are appropriately proportioned for little people. An area of bench seating is also provided for accompanying adults. The party offering was really appealing to me at £8.99 per child for a min of 8 children that would include a meal, dessert, drink, soft play, cake, team member helper and all in party room. It’s certainly more than competitive to other party venues I’ve visited.

The menu available is extensive it offers a real range of choice from burgers to pasta or classic pub fish and chips to Sunday carvery. It really does meet all tastes. The price of dishes is competitive and not surprising. The Sandpiper offers various offers including two main meals from £10 at certain times during the week for those of us looking to be a little more economical with our dining experience. The children’s menu like the centre itself is themed around the Beano. The choice provided for the children was excellent they were able to opt for things like grilled chicken, Bolognaise, and even the favourites like poppin chicken and hot dogs. The children’s meals start at £3.99. A very reasonable price for fresh cooked to order meals. The food we ordered arrived in ample time. It was long enough to allow our children to play but not so long there were too restless to eat. I ordered a Chicken Tikka Masala which was served with rice Poppadum, naan bread and mango chutney. It was beautifully hot and smelt delicious. The meal was really appetising. My husband had the Brewers Fayre Burger. It too was delicious pub fare. The children had grilled chicken, poppin chicken and a big bad dog. All of the children’s meals were served on smaller plates and were filling but manageable portions. Everyone savoured every bite. We were given by staff children’s cutlery for the very smallest of our party. A simple gesture but when going anywhere with small children the smallest gesture is the biggest help.

The Sandpiper is situated alongside the Sandy Water Park in Llanelli. Its garden is a glorious area. In it is a fantastic playground. It was particularly good for my older children much more support and parental care was need for my toddler twinnies. It overlooks the beautiful lake in the Sandy Water Park and on a day of beautiful sunshine like the day visited it was lovely to bask in the sun and admire the view with a cool drink and something to eat.

We all had a fantastic experience at the all new Play at Brewers Fayre The Sandpiper. We recommend it as a fantastic family friendly play dining experience. It was well worth our visit and will be back in the near future.  We give it a fabulous funtastic 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit:

Brewers Fayre, Sandpiper Road, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA15 4SG | 01554 749 347


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