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Plan Toys Mini Golf Full Set Review

PlanToysMiniGolfSetPlan Toys
Mini Golf Full Set

Reviewed by JP

I got very excited when this arrived, as did my boys; the box is a simple white with clear primary colour images. Immediately I was drawn to the images on the front of the box displaying clearly the items inside. My boys were so excited that they tore open the box to reveal more packaging. It felt like it was a birthday as we discovered, grouped together in strong brown paper bags were 2 golf clubs, 2 wooden patterned balls with a mini fabric red flag, 3 different types of tracks, 1 hole and a narrow jute bag with a handle.

The diagrams on the side of the box displayed the sustainable USP (Unique Selling Point) ethos behind the company, luckily there is also a small leaflet enclosed that visually displays the diagram clearly and in a friendly way for you to talk through the ecological development of how the product has made it to your home to your children from start to finish.

The products itself is made from sustainable rubber-wood, and upon inspection it is comfortable to hold and a lovely light colour. The golf clubs are very smooth and light to hold, they also have different colour handles so in theory no arguing as whose got whose golf club (this doesn’t always work with my boys). The tracks and the hole are made from renewable materials, and are lovely bright primary colours that are visually pleasing.

 My youngest is a tall 3 year old and he loved the yellow handled golf club as yellow is his favourite colour. He was able to grasp the club well and swing it accurately to hit the ball; my eldest is a 4 year old and naturally even taller. He had to reposition himself to use the orange handled golf club but equally was able to hit the ball through the tracks.

They both found it easier to use on the grass than on the wooden floors indoors, as the ball kept moving before they were ready to hit the ball. The mini golf club set is really beneficial to expanding their gross motor skills and coordination. As well as helping my youngest with his concentration, but the biggest plus point is the social interaction that the game encouraged between them.

There’s only one little niggle, and that’s to do with the beautiful cream jute bag (I love a bag and tidy storage!). It’s too narrow to easily put both the golf clubs and the tracks inside. Admittedly it is a perfect size for little hands to reach inside and to carry themselves but for dads it maybe a case of getting your hand stuck inside the bag.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £28.95

Available to buy from Great Gizmos here.

4 half Star

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