Plain Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans In A Bonbonniere Review


Reviewed by Laura S

I love coffee based chocolates but have never tried plain chocolate coated coffee beans before. I think mainly because I assumed they would be too bitter and just too hard to bite. I was really looking forward to trying these by Rita Farhi and find a new treat.

The coffee beans arrived in a beautifully decorated papier-mâché box. The box I received is gold with beautiful hand painted flowers in blue, pink, white and nude. The box looks so lovely sat on the dresser. The design on the box and glossy finish makes it look expensive and you would never know it is made of papier-mâché.

Bonbonnières were not something I was familiar with but after research I found out that they were inspired by a European tradition from hundreds of years ago. A host of a party or celebration gave their guests a bonbonnière. Traditionally, made from porcelain, crystal or silver, containing delicacies made from sugar. These would be given out at weddings or birthdays for example. The idea was that they lavish good luck wishes on the guests. I love the idea behind the bonbonnieres and think it is a lovely tradition.

The coffee beans are Brazilian, coated in dark chocolate. When you bit into the coffee beans they are not as hard as I expected with the chocolate thick and velvety. The beans crack perfectly between your teeth.

Each individual coffee bean is perfectly coated in the chocolate and the smell when you open the box is wonderful. It fills the air round you.
The beans have a lovely deep coffee taste that fills your mouth and the velvety dark chocolate perfectly balances the bitterness of the coffee beans. They are very easy to bite into and eat.

The chocolate coffee beans are so rich in flavour that you can only eat a couple at the time but they are so satisfying. You would spoil the experience if you ate too many in one go.  I find myself dipping in and out of the box throughout the day.

The box I reviewed costs £15 for 130g of chocolate coated coffee beans. I was surprised at how many beans there were and how long they have lasted with two adults dipping in & out regularly.

The dimensions for the Bonbonniere I received are as follows: 12.4 x 11.8 x11.4 cm.

The Bononniere with the coffee coated coffee beans would make a lovely luxurious gift. The beans are exceptional quality and the box is so beautifully decorated and solid. I plan to reuse the box after we have finished the coffee beans.

The filled Bonbonnieres come in a range of sizes, colours and filled with different products such as ginger or almonds. There really is something to suitable everyone. I’ve put the ginger filled bonbonniere on my Christmas list

Over all I rate the Bonbonniere 5/5.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15.00

This product can be purchased from the Farhi website here.

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