Foodhub Review – 10% Off Discount Code For Cyber Monday


Reviewed by Jenny Bray

Today I had the added bonus of not having to cook dinner as I was ordering my dinner from foodhub in order to write this review. Foodhub is an online portal to use to order a variety of takeaway food for delivery or collection.

I live in a town where there aren’t many delivery food options. Almost all of my local restaurants only do takeaway that you need to collect, which is a short drive away. I was therefore surprised to see a good selection of options on foodhub from places that were slightly further away, with delivery charges varying from £1 to £4,50, which seemed reasonable to me in order to receive a doorstep service delivered by someone else without me having to venture out in to the cold to collect my food.

My favourite takeaway food is curry. Actually, my favourite food in general is curry but takeaway curry has the added bonus of the convenience of me not having to make it. I love my local curry house, but they don’t offer delivery so I tried a new place tonight.

Ordering through foodhub was easy. I used my phone to place my order. The site is well set out and straightforward to navigate. I had a choice of 9 places to order from, with a variety of cuisines from curry to pizza, pasta and burgers. This compares to 11 on JustEat and just 3 on UberEats, with most options appearing across sites (did I say I live in a small place!).

I liked that there was a description of each dish rather than just the title, as I like to try different dishes out based on their description. There was the option of paying by either cash or card. The site said that delivery would be 50 minutes from ordering and a timer started to countdown as soon as my order had been confirmed. The food was on my doorstep within this time, which I was impressed with.

I think Foodhub are fairly new and mainly Uk based, but I struggled to find their history on their site, even after downloading their brand personality document. Their help suggestions would suggest a site that is still slightly in development as the bot that was responding pointed me to some slightly random questions and answers when I placed a couple of questions trying to find out their origins and how they came about, although there is a whole page about their logo. However, I did find out that they charge restaurants a flat fee for being on their site rather than a fee per order. They don’t charge the user a service fee, which is the key thing that makes them cheaper than their competitors. They also offer some discount codes to entice people in.
Their next offer is for Cyber Monday (30th November), when they’re offering 10% off all orders placed via their app, using code CM2020. I’m always pleased to get additional money off and that’s pay day for me so I might get a cheeky Monday takeaway next week…

Rating: 5/5


For more information, please visit the Foodhub website here.

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