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Piccolo Organic Bundle Review


Reviewed by Karen

I have 3 children and I can honestly say I am not a fan of weaning. Each of my children have been very different but the one thing that got me through was knowing that to give my child the correct nutrients, tastes and experiences when it came to food did not mean I had to make everything from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to make some things myself but being able to fall back on these products is very helpful when you are strapped for time and want to make sure your child is having a balanced diet.

When I was asked to review a Piccolo Organic bundle, I jumped at the chance. With 3 little children it was great to try out some new products and get an idea of what they offered. Previous to this review I had no experience of Piccolo products even through I’ve now weaned 2 children.

The packaging is simple and eye catching and my 4-year-old loved telling me which vegetables he could find on the packages. The packaging also has a banner which runs along the top of each box displaying important information like ‘no added sugar or salt’, ‘1 of your 5 a day’ and ‘palm oil free’. I found this really helpful as I am forever turning packages over to check the contents and comparing to other products. Each item that I received was in a simple cardboard box and plastic container which can be easily recycled in your home recycling.

Each package has a small logo which advises the relevant age along with details of whether the food is smooth or textured. I loved that the stock cubes had the added wording ‘perfect for babies’ as I tended to leave out stock from most of my cooking with my 2 eldest children as you are drilled into thinking stock cubes are full of salt and shouldn’t be used in babies cooking. One of my favourite things about the packaging is the ingredients list. There wasn’t one box which I looked at the ingredients and thought ‘what’s that’ plus it breaks down the percentages of each ingredient so you can fully understand what you are feeding your young children.

All of the products I received were fantastic, and knowing you are giving your children good quality food without the hassle of making endless different sauces is a blessing. I did not enjoy attempting to make homecooked meals to see if my baby/toddlers would/would not want to eat them (it was the latter on most occasions!). It takes the hassle out of meal times and means you can enjoy the weaning journey and enjoy some precious time with your babies whilst they are exploring their new experiences with food. As an added bonus they smell amazing too and make me want to try them which definitely helps make weaning easier.

I’ve loved receiving these products and would highly recommend them to go along with your own home cooked food. You also help to support charities when purchasing Piccolo products as they donate 10% of the profits to charities which help support local families. You will also find some brilliant recipes to try out on their website which are suitable for children, adults and during pregnancy. Go check them out via this link.

Rating: 5/5


Check out the Piccolo Organic website here for information on their full range of flavours and keep an eye out at the supermarket for them.

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