PhotoBox Personalised Bone China Mug Review


Reviewed by Jessica Jewson

PhotoBox have a lovely selection of thoughtful gifts that would be perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc…  I went for the personalised bone china cup for my mum which currently is priced from £8.99. The website is easy to navigate and there is a good selection. Your items are delivered in good time at a reasonable rate to.

I was attracted to the cup as it wasn’t the obvious item and I liked the idea that you could turn a normal mundane household object into a sentimental piece. Instead of looking through the photo album your mum will see this picture every time she uses the cup. I just feel like my mum and any mum would appreciate this and it would become their go to cup.

It was a nice surprise to find that I didn’t have to opt for the normal mug. Mugs are alright sometimes but I know a lot of people like a smaller cup or more slender drinking capsule than a mug. It’s a pleasant shape, some cups are too chunky this was more delicate than the mug; usually you don’t get a choice so I welcomed this option. Not sure if it’s just me but I like to match the cup/mug to a person and I could see this style suiting a mum or grandmother more than a hefty mug.

So why would I recommend this product. It’s an item that you can feel confident will be used and loved by your mum (or of course anyone you buy it for). It’s an easy process and you can apply any suitable picture to make it special and even add personalised message. The versatility of this product design is large it can be for any person or occasion. This particular product comes with the option of different designs which are all tasteful. Note some don’t have a clear place for a message but fear not you can add text which makes it versatile.

Let’s be realistic this cup is only £8.99 so I wasn’t expecting an extremely high finish. Instead of the pattern wrapping the entire cup there is a band around the top and bottom that is missing. I don’t find this takes away from the design but obviously if I was going to suggest an area where the product could improve this would be it. Secondly my cup has a very slight defect above the handle which is a shame but its not obvious im just a bit picky. Other than that I feel the quality is good the handle blends in seamlessly, the colours are vibrant and the images / detailing are clear.

I would recommend this product and photo box to friends and family and will be purchasing items similar again.

Rating: 4/5

Price from £8.99

Available to buy from

4 Star

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