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PhotoBox Classic Standard Prints Review

Reviewed by Jessica Jewson

I have been meaning to print some special photographs for my mum as a gift for quite a while but I have never found the time to pop into town to get them printed. The thought never crossed my mind to use an online printing company. I was a little pessimistic at first but once I got onto the PhotoBox website and had a look at all the options I was reassured. The process was straight forward simply select photos you have stored on your computer and upload them then apply them to the product you want. There are some really lovely items; all the products are reasonably priced and good value for what they are. This is a great website to create a personalised keepsake and very affordable.

I choose to go with the classic standard print in gloss 6X4. Once you have uploaded the images you want they go into an album. If you have a Facebook account you can also pull images from there which is great as most people put lots of pictures on Facebook. This may be a quicker option opposed to going through all of the pictures on your laptop. Once your pictures are up it creates an album. You can either click the select all button or individually select the pictures you want to print/ make into a product. This is really useful as when I uploaded my pictures and looked at all of them I decided against a couple.

The next step was for me to choose what size prints I wanted. I gambled a bit as I wasn’t really sure what size would be best. There were 5 options subcategorised into classic / premium with a small variation in sizes. You are also able to select what print finish you want matt or gloss and with a white border or without. I wasn’t sure what a matt photograph would look like so I went with what I was used to and I’m pleased. I decided to not have a white border as I couldn’t see why I would need one maybe you know something I don’t.  I can’t speak for everyone but I feel getting your pictures printed is always a bit of a lucky dip anyway. Moving forward printing your pictures this way allows you to see the images better and have much more control.

I have to say I felt the quality of the paper used was good. The colours are vibrant which is exactly what I look for, especially as my pictures where of plants and scenery. In the past when I have visited a photo printing shop they have disappointed me with the standard of colour. I was very slightly disappointed with these prints as when I looked at my images on my phone they look crystal clear but upon receiving these prints they weren’t as refined as I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong this is probably the combination of the size I selected and my images and not the printing. They are still clearer than other prints I have had done elsewhere in the past. I don’t think this reflects the printing or quality but highlights I don’t really know what I’m doing. In hindsight I would probably go for smaller prints so just bare this in mind if you are unsure as how it seems on the computer isn’t always how it turns out.

The prints came very quickly and where packaged well with no wasted packaging, always a plus. The prints came encased in a card envelope and where in the typical packaging but this was made a lot better than others. Usually the holder is flimsy and tears once you have got the pictures out a few times to show people. I found this holder more robust which was a pleasant surprise and actually the design was good to. The top flap is white so if you want to write on it you can easily. My images arrived pristine!

Overall I would rate this product 5/5 and would recommend to those who store a lot of their pictures on computers/Facebook. I’m really happy with mine and I won’t be going to a shop to get them printed any time soon this service is much more versatile and so convenient.

Rating: 5/5

Prints start from as little as 5p per picture.

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