PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

We have 2 very lively dogs in our household. Pip is a 2-year-old King Charles Spaniel; Willow is a 6-month-old Chorkie. Pip especially seems to have never ending bounds of energy and myself and my teenage daughter like providing her with plenty of stimulation by way of walks along with throw and fetch games. We were therefore both delighted to come across the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher and it looked perfect for our fur babies.

The automatic ball launcher arrived in perfect condition. My teenage daughter set about unpacking it from its box and trying it out. The box contained the automatic ball launcher, 2 standard size tennis balls, a power cord and an instruction manual. 

The launcher itself is fairly big and clearly well made from quality materials. That said, it is not too big to take to the local park or carry out into the garden. The first thing I loved about it was that it works using either batteries or mains power. If it just worked using mains power, then you would be unable to take it to a local park. Speaking of outside use, the launcher is water resistant, so there is no need to worry about being caught outside in a downpour of rain.

Its features are incredible:

  • It launches the balls between 8 and 30 feet.
  • It uses standard size tennis balls, so you can easily replace the ones it comes with or use more with the launcher than the 2 it comes with.
  • You can choose between 9 distance and 6 angle settings.
  • The handle is comfortable to hold. Whilst we have not yet taken the launcher to the park, this will be a huge plus when we do.
  • An automatic sleep mode is programmed in to ensure that dogs get rest between playing.
  • As I mentioned above, it’s water resistant.
  • It uses D-cell batteries (not included) or mains power.

I am typing this part of the review hoping that her dad is not reading this because in his absence we did try it out in the house, aiming the balls at the downstairs hallway wall. It is so easy to use. My daughter placed the balls in the hole and they launched out of it. I think we were both even more amused than Pip and Willow and I cannot say that I wouldn’t do this again even without the dogs being present. This is great fun too when used in the garden. This is the perfect activity for active dogs. The only downside is that whilst Pip and Willow have mastered chasing the balls, they do not like giving/bringing them back.

I did want to mention that the PetSafe website has so many fantastic products for pets available. We have also been lucky enough to try out their 2-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder and their Water Fountain. I am also eyeing up their dog toys. Whilst not cheap, I would consider this automatic ball launcher an investment as it is built to last for years and helps pet owner give their pets a healthy lifestyle. It means the ball can be thrown further (at least more than me or my daughter can) and the dogs can play fetch by themselves (it has a 15 minute sleep mode between plays so that the dogs don’t overwork themselves) and has sensors so that the balls don’t fire when the people or animals are standing in front of it.

An excellent way for dogs to play and have fun, even when you are not around to play with them!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £129.99

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