How To Personalise Your Favourite Jewellery

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In this article, I want to take a look at different ways that you can customise or personalise your favourite jewellery. So, let’s dive in and take a look at different ways you can make that favourite piece of jewellery unique to you!


A great way to personalise your favourite jewellery is to add an engraved message or pattern to it. This could simply be your initials, or something more elaborate like a message or even a graphic you have designed.

The simplest way to do this is to get hold of a Dremel pen, which allows you to engrave into the jewellery by hand. A dremel tool is a small spinning drill bit that cuts a fine indentation into the surface of your jewellery.

If you want to go for a more high tech and high spec option, you could try laser engraving. This allows for far more precise engraving. Also, as laser engravers are computer controlled, designs can be far more intricate and complex than you could ever do by hand. Similarly, this means that designs can be repeated exactly across lots of jewellery. Although laser cutters were once reserved for professionals, offer desktop options that are suitable for hobbyists.

Charm Jewellery

A really popular way of creating personalised jewellery is to go down the route of charm bracelets or necklaces. Essentially, you start with a simple bracelet or necklaces and then collect ‘charms’ that you add. This has become incredibly popular, with large brands like Pandora popularising the idea.

What is really nice about charm jewellery is that you can add to your jewellery over time, meaning that you can be constantly changing your favourite bracelet or necklace. This also means that you can spread out the cost of buying jewellery, as you can slowly add charms as and when you have some spare cash!

Swapping Chains

A really great way to bring new life to an old necklace and make it your own is by swapping out the chain for a different one. A new chain can bring a fresh lease of life to a necklace, and also helps it stand out, as only you will have that particular combination.

It is amazing the effect that such a simple and subtle change can have on a piece of jewellery. By adding your own chain, you add a subtle, personal touch that really helps the jewellery fit your style.

Consider a Decorative Backing

Finally, a method similar to the previous one, you can swap the backing of your favourite earrings or broaches. Essentially, you find a new back part that the jewellery can fasten into. This can be a little tricky to find matching sizes, or things that go well together (check out this guide for some advice). However, if you find a backing that fits, it can really make your favourite earrings pop! Also, if you put this work in, you can be sure that no one else will have earrings like yours. This is a great way to make a really unique piece of jewellery for yourself.


So, there you have it, a selection of ways to personalise your favourite piece of jewellery. The key here is to be creative, and have a little fun in the process! Good luck and happy personalising!

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