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Reviewed by Ella Richardson

I have been struggling with my weight for a very long time, it is a real source of anxiety for me and I have tried everything under the sun, so when the chance for personal fitness training with Abbott Fitness came about I was extremely excited in getting help from someone who is trained in helping people without the incentive of a specific diet they were trying to sell. I, like a lot of people, have been taken in by these.

So my time to start approached and I was imagining biggest loser, sweaty day long work outs with no food and a miserable existence but that was far from the truth so here’s my journey with the lovely Michael Abbott fitness trainer.

Starting weight – 14st 6lb

To start with I had a very in depth chat with Michael about my likes and dislikes, spare time I had, what I wanted out of the plan. He was very nice and inspiring and told me that he guarantees a loss of 1kg per week, which is fab as my weight loss is very slow usually. After we had chatted I was sent a guide of what I should be eating, no calorie guide or specific diet plan like I was expecting, but was very glad to read that he expects you to eat ‘bad’ foods 10% of the time *phew* the theory behind this was that if you don’t you just end up blowing things massively and this would turn out to be one of the best tips ever. The diet tips were as I feared ‘clean eating’ the only diet I have avoided due to my love of carbs,  love pasta, potatoes etc… and my fear of eating chicken and steamed veg for the next month. Turns out the variation was immense and there are cleaner versions of stodgy carbs that feel as stodgy as having a big mound of rice, all amazing and filling and I found a new love in asparagus.

I was also sent a trial to do, to see how much I was capable of, which turns out not a lot. So he had plenty of work to do. The trial consisted of press ups, planks and running and then within two days I got sent a month’s exercise plan. I dreaded opening it as I was expecting hours and hours of exercise that would kill me and being a mum of four kids I was a bit scared I wouldn’t be able to complete the plan, but it turned out it was just an hour, 3-4 times a week and all things I could do. Michael was fabulous with keeping in touch by text, phone call and e-mail. I felt thoroughly supported and he was there to support midway through when my children got poorly, offering to change my plan to suit my life, fortunately I managed to keep on track but to know he was there and the option was there was really reassuring.

So here’s the break down of my weight losses

Week 17lb (I did admittedly have a sickness bug too but that weight stayed off)
Week 23lb
Week 3Stayed the same (it was that time of the month and usually I gain 7lb)
Week 4loss of 4lb

Total loss within the month = 14lb

I feel unbelievably well and full of energy, I suffered with depression because of my weight  and I felt so good and like a weight had been lifted physically and emotionally I decided to carry on and I have lost another 2lb on weeks 5. I really feel this has been totally beneficial to me, the only thing I have struggled with is not having a set food plan, but there is enough information pout there on recipes etc… and I must have been doing it right. The cost is amazing too for £40 a month for all that support and professional help for saying to go to diet groups it costs £6 and with this you get 24/7 support. I would and have recommended this programme to friends.

Thank you so much Michael. 🙂

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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