Peppa Pig’s Adventure! at the Wolverhampton Grand Review

7-8 April 2018


Reviewed by Tammy and Anthony Wildblood

We arrived at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre about 9.35am and there were already lots of excited families queueing to get in as bags are checked on arrival. We were welcomed by a member of staff who told us where our seats would be. We visited the merchandise stall in the foyer and there was lots of Peppa Pig memorabilia which wasn’t too badly priced.

We made our way to our seats which was in the Grand Circle and we could of had a booster seat but there was only a certain number available and they went fast but luckily we didn’t need one as our boy was under two so we requested a ‘babe in arms’ ticket which was only £3… we thought that was a bargain and well worth it.

The theatre was full of excited children playing with the light up Peppa and George toys which they had bought from the foyer. You then heard a call over the tannoy saying that Peppa Pig was about to start in 5 minutes.

The time went by very quickly and the show started with the Peppa Pig theme tune and all the children were cheering and clapping. Daisy appeared on the stage with a school in the background which was brightly coloured to catch the children’s attention and it did… the theatre was completely silent.

Daisy introduced Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep, Gerald the Giraffe and George Pig, eventually Peppa Pig was also found and she received a massive cheer. They were big puppets which were controlled by actors in black suits which I assume is to distract the children’s attention away from them and it did seem to work. The actor’s voices were absolutely amazing and they had to sing and dance in the characters voices as well as control the puppets. There were some actors dressed in costume which were Madam Gazelle, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig and these were amazing costumes, just like on the cartoon.

There were many scenes which included, Peppa and her friends at school and they went on a school trip camping and all sang round the camp fire. They all stayed awake listening to the animals of the night which included bats, owls, a frog and fireflies. The best for me was the glow in the dark scene as you wouldn’t expect it and it was brilliant, so you really need to watch it.

There was lots of singing, dancing and audience interaction and you even had the popular ‘Bing Bong song’.

The main part of the production for me was the interaction with the audience, the main actor who was doing the show Daisy showed great interaction with the audience as she got all of us to do what she wanted us to do. The best thing was the clap clap 1, 2, clap clap clap 1, 2, 3. As all children did this and to get our 23 month to do is something special cause normally he does not want to clap.

There was even loads of jumping up and down in muddy puddles but watch out you may get super wet which is totally unexpected for a children’s production, but it was well worth it to watch the expression of the audience and the laughter of the children.

Now I’m normally not a Peppa Pig fan but for them to get our son dancing and singing and with a great big smile then I feel I might have to change my mind on Peppa Pig now.

Overall for stage setting, sound, singing and dancing I would have to give this a 5/5 so buy your tickets now as it is well worth it.

Rating: 5/5

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