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Peppa Pig Mash’Ems Collectibles, Mash’Ems Baby Shark Collectibles And Monopoly Surprise Exclusive Collectible Token Review


Reviewed by DT (initials used to protect the privacy of my children)

My twin sons, or ‘twinkles’ as I often call them had their 9th birthday during the summer.  I wanted to make the occasion extra special for them this year.    Both of my sons love watching Blind Bag opening videos on You Tube.  When we have popped into Smyths their nanny has, on one occasion, bought them a Mash’Ems My Little Pony collectable each which they were delighted with.   I was delighted therefore to be sent some Mash’Ems and a Monopoly Surprise Collectible Token to review.

Peppa Pig and Baby Shark Mash’Ems

The items arrived quickly in perfect condition and not excessively packaged.  My sons couldn’t wait to open them and discover what the contents would be.   It turned out that we had been sent 3 x Peppa Pig Mash’Ems  which were 2 x Peppa Pig, 1 x George and a Mummy Shark Baby Shark Mash’Em.   What struck me straight away was how fun looking the container they come in was.  It is easy for little hands to get open.  It was lovely to see my sons’ faces light up when they discovered which collectible treat was inside.   All of the Peppa Pig Mash’Ems are so well made. I love the colours used.  They are squishable, so much so in fact that I find it fun and relaxing to do so, as do my sons.  Both of my twins love Baby Shark and singing the Baby Shark song.  I am delighted that one of the collectibles they were sent was a Mummy Shark Mash’Em.   These all have pride of place in the bedroom.  They have been great for role-play and encouraging conversations as a family. ~

I think that these products are great fun to both squish and play with and will be enjoyed in our home for a long time.  I also think that the RRP of £2.99 represents excellent value.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mash’Ems to others.   In my opinion these would be a great product for a child to purchase themselves using their pocket money or for a Christmas Stocking Christmas Gift idea. Yes, we did get 2 x Peppa Pig but that’s part of the fun. Children can swap them with each other. I like that there are several styles of collectible available both Peppa Pig and Baby Shark wise.  There are 6 different Peppa Pig ones to collect. I think that the colours used for the Baby Shark Mash’Ems really compliment each other.   This toy is suitable for age 4+.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.99

These products can be purchased from Smyths here. and here.

Monopoly Surprise Exclusive Collectible Token Review

I have enjoyed playing various versions of Monopoly since my childhood and it’s a game that I have gone on to play with my own children, be it that my 9 year old twins have the Junior versions of the game.  I can at times struggle to find games that will hold their attention but Monopoly is a game which can hold their attention for a good period of time and we all love playing together.  I think that Monopoly has so much play value in that it encourages use of Maths skills, problem solving, motor skills and more.  I was therefore delighted to receive a Monopoly Surprise Exclusive Collectible Token to review.  The collectible tokens are based on Mr Monopoly.   There are actually 6 different cubes which you can collect.  We were delighted to receive two green houses, a coin, a Mr Monopoly figure and one other item. According to the Basic Fun website, there are some super rare and ultra rare collectible tokens to be found.  I think that the RRP of £5.99 represents good value due to all that you receive and the quality of the tokens.  I think that it would be great to use some of the tokens as playing pieces and that the house type tokens could be great to use in during a future game of monopoly. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product and Monopoly on the whole to others.  I think that this product would be a great pocket money toy for children to purchase themselves with their pocket money. I also think that it would make a great well done at school, ‘just because’ or Christmas gift idea.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £5.99

This product can be purchased from Smyths here.

This review has been written as part of a wider piece of coverage about a Summer Birthday Celebration.   Do have a look out on the website for the other reviews that are a part of this coverage plus the main review-led article. At the time of writing this review, the review-led article is not yet online.

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