Penguin Pop Gro-suit Review

GrosuitPenguin Pop Gro-suit

Reviewed by Harriet Grant

Well where can I start I absolutely love these sleep suits for those frosty winter nights. The sleepsuits have soft quilted arms. This makes a brilliant addition to the grobag or any sleeveless sleeping bag. I for one would not be without a sleeping bag for my children it makes sleeping much less of a worry not having to use blankets. Grobags/baby sleeping bags are absolutely awesome I have to say but in the winter I did worry about my babies arms being cold.

You may read quilted arms and think that they are hard to get onto a baby who at the best of times is not very co-operative when getting dressed. But no the material is stretchy and flexible so nice and easy to get on just the same as a normal baby sleepsuit if you ask me. I love the patterns on these particular grow suits too and the two suits are opposites which is a great touch. It’s great that they come in packs of two also as you always have a spare for any accidents. The arms can also be folded over with ease if they don’t quite fit your baby.

The material of the gro-suit is so soft and snuggly if I do say so myself. They wash like a dream. Mine have been used for 2 children and still I don’t have one bobble whatsoever. Its stretchy material too – great touch as we know how fast our little bundles grow… Too fast if you ask me. They dry very quick as the quilted arms are filled with polyester.

Sizing I have to say I was very impressed with the sizing, the gro-suit is a little pricey to some but believe me they last as they are a one of the larger brands. I brought 2 of these sleep suits in 3-6 months and my little boy wore them until 6 months at this age he was in 6-9 months in clothes.

Overall I absolutely love these suits. If you own a grobag this is the must have addition for those chilly winter nights.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: from £14.99

Available to buy from The Gro Store here.


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