Peach Perfect iBeani Tablet & iPad Stand Review


Reviewed by Jayne Wiggins

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that techi lover this Christmas, the iBeani Tablet & iPad Stand is definitely to be added to the list. A versatile little bean bag made in the UK retailing at £23 from Peach Perfect, this is sure to please the busy people in your life.

It comes in 6 great designs though we loved the butterfly design. With a small carry handle and even a pocket for a mobile phone this genius little tablet or iPad stand is perfect as we head into the Christmas season. With a perfect design to sit on your lap on the sofa, you can surf the web, watch a great Christmas film and have a free hand for your festive wine! Or you can pop it on the kitchen work surface while you cook up a festive treat, copying the best tv chefs and knowing your phone is in the handy pocket as you start to receive those party invites!

If you find holding things difficult it is just as useful for holding your favourite novel as you prop yourself up in bed or as a passenger on those long Christmas car journeys as you head over to visit relatives. This works for children and adults alike with our 11 year old happily watching internet channels on the sofa while the rest of the family watched tv, then tranfers to the kitchen where I propped my favourite cook book on it and and started that special Christmas cake.

The beauty of this stand is in it’s simplicity and light weight properties. Filled with light weight beads it is easy to carry, small enough to pop into an overnight bag, and versatile to use on almost any surface.

A must have this Christmas if you are struggling to think of the perfect gift for a him or a her, a youngster or us not so young!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £23

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