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Paw Patrol Movie: Adventure City Calls PS4 Game Review


Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

I have a 4 year old daughter, like a lot of 4 year olds she’s a massive fan of Paw Patrol. Over the summer we went to watch the new Paw Patrol film, Adventure City Calls which she absolutely loved. She has recently started to enjoy playing video games so when the opportunity came up to try out the new Paw Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Call PlayStation 4 game we were very excited.

From first start up of the game it has the same colourful graphics of the tv series and movie which will appeal to Paw Patrol fans.

The game consists of:

Story – with levels centred around set pieces of the film.

Minigames  – This unlocks after the first 3 levels of the story mode.

Collectables – where you can unlock characters and objects etc from the film as you progress throughout the story and Minigames mode and view them in 3D.

The story has very simple mechanics and the controls are basic.  Usually my daughter plays games on the Nintendo Switch, this was her first time using a PlayStation controller but she very quickly got the hang of it. Ryder, one of the main characters from the show, gives you very clear tutorials throughout the story. My daughter found these very easy to understand as he talks you through them so you are not relying on text on screen to tell you what to do. Perfect for children who aren’t able to read yet.

The stages consist of collecting pup treats basic platforming and puzzle solving. Through each stage. There it an on foot (or should I say on paw section) and a section to use one of the Paw Patrol vehicles.

The story does not appear to be that long and she will probably complete it in a couple of hours. There are some technical issues from time to time like sound going funny or the game glitching out. During one stage Ryder and Liberty play together and when the other pup is off screen if you get too ahead of them, they spawn to your location. On this stage the other pup jump through the scenery off screen and we accidentally switched between the characters and got stuck inside a building and had to restart the stage. Another annoying thing is that none of the pups actually talk in the game, the only character voice is that of Ryder. This was disappointing and I felt it would of made the game better.

The Minigames provides a bit more variation. There is the famous Pup Pup Boogey mini game, time trial sections, obstacle courses and collect them all mode. You will get to select any of the pups you chose which may change the stages relevant to them. For each there is 3 levels which I think increase in complexity. Not too hard for the age bracket of who the game is catered for. This mode you may find coming back to more than anything.

Overall this is a fun game for fans of Paw Patrol but not a game I can see my daughter playing time and time again and there’s a few things that mean the game is not as good as it could be.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £34.99

This can be purchased from many toy or game shops including from Smyths toys here

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