Oxo Tot Whale Pail Review

Whale Pail
Oxo Tot

Review by Emma Baker

The OXO tot whale pail arrived for us this afternoon and my children (aged 2 and 7) couldn't wait to get it out of the box, as the box itself had a window on the front so they could clearly see what the box contained, so while I unpacked my shopping sure enough i came to find my youngest had managed to get into the box and was very proud of himself! Although he was a little disappointed as he couldn't get any further due to the bath toy being securely fastened with ties to the cardboard inners.

As bath time arrived this was the first thing they grabbed, even though it is meant to be something to use to tidy away at the end they had endless fun throughout scooping up toy animals and then having them whoosh back out again as they tipped the water out, it surprised them that it had holes all around so water can rushing out of every angle possible so even I seemed to have a bath too, whilst sat on the bathroom floor.

The whale pail itself really does resemble a whale with its bright blue colour, and wide open space at the front acting as its mouth and the chunky handle as the tail is really easy for little hands to hold tight and securely. As bath time drew to an end it was time to scoop up the toys for the last time and then put the whale to rest on its handy stand that it came with. It comes with two ways to stick it to the wall suction cups for tiles and sticky tape for other surfaces, we opted for the suction cups and it stuck quick and easy, but we did find that it stuck better on the larger tiles rather than the a smaller ones. The stand also has 'ventilation holes' so you can scoop up your toys, give them a rinse and the put it on the stand and the water will drain out really quickly.

The instructions on the box comes in a variety of languages and easy to understand. A bath toy/tidier that is well worth the money.

A big thumbs up from us.

Rating: 5/5

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