OTTY Deluxe Pillow Review


Reviewed by David Savage

Sleep is something everybody needs and something most people enjoy. Having a good sleep routine (such as going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time – yes, even on weekends) is good for your health and helps regulate your body clock. Most adults need between 6 to 8 hours sleep per night (if I do oversleep I can feel more tired and wake up with a headache or migraine).

Another very important factor for having a good nights sleep is having a good quality, comfortable mattress and pillow. For years I have just thought a pillow is a pillow, just with a different firmness level. For over 30 years I have suffered with migraines and am always trying new things to relieve the severity of them – I have found things like hot water bottles, ice packs and Deep Heat Neck & Shoulder Rub to be of great help and mean fewer pain killers! Over the past couple of months I have also been reading a lot about the benefits of a having a different pillow; a gusseted pillow (aka walled pillow) with a different firmness level depending on how you sleep and one that supports your head and neck better. I sleep on my side so a firm pillow is recommended for me.

As mentioned earlier, over the years I have tried lots of different pillows including the Nanu pillow and also one that had a plastic support in the centre. All have been a disappointment. I then received the OTTY Deluxe Pillow. My first impression on seeing the pillow was that is looked very blocky with its rectangular shape, which wrongly led me to believe that it would not be very comfortable. So far it is the best pillow I have ever used! I am very impressed.

The OTTY Deluxe Pillow measures 60x40x12cm (it does fit my standard pillow cases as well) and is made from memory foam, it is hypo-allergenic with machine washable covers, breathable, features a cool airflow system to help regulate temperature while you sleep, suitable for sleeping position and comes with a 3-year guarantee.

From the very first night of using this pillow I noticed the difference over my current pillows and any previous pillows that I have used.

It is extremely comfortable and holds its shape (I seem to sleep very heavily on pillows and ruin them – my other pillows lose their shape or go flat quicker than they should so are replaced a lot more often). When handling the pillow it is quite heavy so the softness when using it was very surprising as the support it offers is excellent.

It features a Cool Blue Gel within the memory foam which helps with the airflow and helps to regulate your temperature while sleeping. While I do not know how this actually works, it does as my head is definitely cooler when sleeping (and I should notice the difference more so in Summer).

The support for head, neck and shoulders is brilliant with this pillow. It is soft enough for a good nights sleep while keeping my head at the right angle. This (along the cooling function) is providing the support I need so that I am not waking up with the neck and shoulder pain which is one of the causes of my migraines.

It is also hypo-allergenic, so perfect for people with dust and skin allergies.

The pillow also has a removable padded cover that is machine washable at 40 degrees. This is very easy to remove and put back on. It has a zip rather than a button or snaps. The only downside being that if you do not put a pillow case on the zipper can be annoying.

For me, this is definitely the best pillow I have had. While the price of £54.99 for one pillow may seem quite expensive it is definitely one worth paying (it is inline with other pillows of this type and works out at around 5p a day over the course of the 3 year guarantee – bargain!) and will mean I replace my pillows less often (thereby it should actually save me money in the long term). It is a very supportive, thick, soft but firm pillow that is giving me a much better sleep (I am even waking up less during the night) and so far is helping reduce some of the causes of migraine (I haven’t woken up once with any neck, shoulder or head pain).

It really is an excellent, luxurious and comfortable pillow. It made using the same technology as in the OTTY mattress (which must be an absolute joy to sleep on) and is top notch quality. You really do have to try it to believe it. Sleeping has never been so enjoyable. A pillow that not only provides a great nights sleep but is a much healthier option of pillow.

One thing is to note is that when first using them there may be a slight chemical smell (I couldn’t smell it but by partner said she could), this is normal and will disappear.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £54.99

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