Oriflame Sweden Beauty Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

My teenage daughter loves trying out new beauty products and has amassed quite the collection of them in her bedroom and in the bathroom. She was therefore thrilled when we were offered 3 Oriflame Sweden beauty products to review.

Ecobeauty Face Mask

This product arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. The packaging looks fantastic. Simple works so well. The font styles and colours work perfectly together. The product itself was created in Sweden.

The Ecobeauty Face Mask (RRP: £28) is supplied in 75ml a squeezable tube. The face mask is dark pink in colour and has the perfect consistency to apply to your face. It feels so nice when on your skin, which is not surprising as it contains both pink clay and aloe vera. It also smells good too and not too overpowering like some products. I would definitely agree with the packaging that it re-mineralises and revitalises your skin. My teenage daughter loves using this product. Its 75ml size is perfect and should last her a good while.  

As a mum I think it’s important to use as natural products as possible on her skin. I am therefore delighted to see that the face mask has an eco certificate and is an organic cosmetic.

The back of the tube has some useful instructions for using the product. 

It’s too soon to tell if this product has made a difference to my daughter’s skin but I am so impressed with it and delighted with how much she loves it too. Whilst this product costs quite a lot, it is worth it for the fact that the ingredients are so natural and how good it is. I am fully prepared to pay more for natural products. Rating: 5/5

Ecobeauty Eye Cream

This product arrived in perfect condition. The 15ml tube looks small in size. This product, like the face mask, is in a squeezable tube. The packaging looks great and is informative too. I think Oriflame have got the balance right with that regard. 

I was delighted to see that the Ecobeauty Eye Cream (RRP: £20) contains Fairtrade ingredients. I would pay more for such a product. The eye cream has an eco certificate and is a natural cosmetic.   

I would agree with the packaging that the eye cream both smoothens and brightens. It smells amazing. There is nothing worse than an overpowering product. The back of the packaging has useful information with regards using the product. The product contains Lindonberry and Sea Buckthorn. My daughter and I love this product. Whilst there are cheaper eye creams out there, this one is well worth the money based on its natural ingredients. Rating: 5/5

Swedish Spa Gentle Ripples Shower Oil

This product arrived well packaged in perfect condition. My teenage daughter loves shower oil, she has tried out several different ones over the years. I was therefore keen to see how she got on with this one.  

The Swedish Spa Gentle Ripples Shower Oil (RRP: £14) is a generous 200ml in size. The bottle is clear and you can see the contents. The label looks stunning, the blue and white picture on the front of the bottle looks so calming and inviting. The back of the bottle has some helpful instructions with regards how to use the product. The liquid itself looks yellow in colour.

I was pleasantly surprised how far it goes. It will last for a long time. It feels amazing on your skin and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. My daughter and I both love this product. The price of the item is reasonable considering how many applications are contained in the bottle. Rating: 5/5

All of the products my daughter and I were lucky enough to try out would make excellent Christmas gift ideas or a nice treat for yourself over the festive period. I would recommend all of the products and Oriflame Sweden generally.

Rating: 5/5

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