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Dinoski Helmet Cover Review

Reviewed by Jenny Bray

The Dinoski Helmet Cover is an outer cover for a helmet to turn it in to an animal. It’s a fun idea. Their website says, “...adventure still exists… because there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.” It’s designed to be used on ski helmets but can also be used on cycle helmets and for helmets for skateboarding or scootering.

The designers and owners are keen skiers and realised that children when skiing didn’t stand out. They wanted to develop something that stood out, so that you can identify your child on the slopes. As they started to design them, they wanted customers to embrace them so they employed children’s illustrator Jane Foster to create a character and mini story for each suit.

The people behind Dinoski are also eco-friendly. Every snow suit is made from recycled plastic bottles, 22 per suit to be precise! I was interested in finding out how and their website shows you. The bottles are washed, chopped in to flakes, melted in to chips and made in to dino yarn!

I love that their ski suits have matching helmet covers and it was one of the helmet covers that I was sent to review. They currently have 3 designs; Spike is a dinosaur, Sparkle is a unicorn and Hop is a bunny. The cover comes in a co-ordinated bag and comes with a label with a story about ‘Hop’ on, who is, ‘…a warm, snuggly friend’. The way that the product is packaged lends itself to being a great gift idea as it is an appealing, colour co-ordinated bag. It’s also a gift that would not give itself away as to what it is by the shape of its packaging, which is always good with inquisitive children.

My children are 9, 7 and 5 and loved the idea. They mainly just put it on their heads and hopped around the house as we weren’t off to a ski slope prior to needing to send this review in and it was too wet to venture out on the bikes.

The ears have just enough padding to sit up on the head when the cover is on, yet also to flop around when the person is moving. The white helps the cover stand out.

At £25 the price is quite steep for what it is. However, it looks well made. The stitching is very neat and it looks like it will last well. An advantage it has over novelty helmets is that this item is transferrable. This means that even if a helmet is outgrown the cover can be reused. It also means that the fashion conscious can have more than one design available to them.

This item is machine washable (on low, I can’t quite read the label but think it says 20°) so, if it gets dirty it can just be whipped off and thrown in the machine. As it is lightweight it should be very quick drying.

It would make a great gift. I tested it on my own bike helmet as well as the children’s. I have seen bikers (on motorbikes) with ears on their helmets and love the concept. I would also love to see families with them when out cycling with my own family.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on is the branding placement. The ‘Dinoski’ logo is a big label on the very front of the item and it has Club Med printed under it. I’d have preferred this to be a little more subtle and be to the side or the rear of the item.

This obviously isn’t an essential item but is a fun item that adds to otherwise ordinarily plain helmets. It may also help those who are less keen on wearing essential head safety wear want to wear their helmet for the fun of the cover.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £25

For more information or to buy, visit www.dinoskiwear.com.

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