Organix Finger Foods Red Pepper Hearts Review

RedPepperHeartsOrganix Finger Foods
Red Pepper Hearts

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

The packaging is colourful, secure and the pictures on the cover clearly show you the product inside and the main ingredient.

It is clear the age range that this product is suitable for and that there is a “no junk promise” on this product.

One possible suggestion for an improvement in packaging would be if the packets were re-sealable. It wasn’t a problem with these snacks as we had the whole packet between us in one go, but I often buy a packet of snacks to be stored in the changing bag for emergencies. If the packets were re-sealable to be eaten throughout the course of the day, this would be great!

I have always loved Organix snacks for my little ones, so it was with great pleasure that I accepted the opportunity to review their latest snacks – red pepper hearts.

These are very cute in terms of their shape, but also very easy for little fingers to grab and more importantly, keep hold of.

My baby (who is 11 months old) loved these snacks and it is great to be able to feed them to her to entice her into her car seat (she is at that age where she would much rather be on the move, rather than strapped into the car!). I really don’t mind giving her as many as she wants within the packet either, as I can see that they are a nice healthy snack for her to have in between meals.

Actually as well – both me and my older boys love them too! So my baby has to be very quick or else the whole packet is gone!

My one gripe with this and a couple of other Organix products (which perhaps cannot be improved because of the natural nature of the products), but is that the orange and red coloured products very quickly stain the fingers that are holding the snack. These red fingers, unless very quickly cleaned, can then be put on light coloured clothes – so be warned!  Have a wipe to hand.

This does not detract from this nutritional product though – what a great tasty treat for little ones!

A very tasty and nutritious snack for babies (and older children alike!)

Suitable for children aged 7 months+.

Rating: 4/5

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Organix Red Pepper Hearts are available to buy from Asda, Ocad0 and Sainbury’s.

4 Star

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