Organic Monkey Protect and Nourish Me Review


Organic Monkey
Protect and Nourish Me
Gift Set

Reviewed by Emma Baker

I was pleasantly surprised when this nifty little gift turned up as I just expected the products on their own not in the lovely organic bag that they arrived in. The bag had little draw string handles and had Organic Monkey clearly labelled on the front with a cute picture of a monkey in the middle. It also came complete with a gift tag, perfect if you were buy it to give as a present for a new mum or someone special. Also each product in the bag came lovingly wrapped in tissue paper.

Organic Monkey provides a wide range of organic and fair trade products for baby and toddlers. All at great prices. I was lucky enough to have been sent…

The Hello Mellow Organic Massage Oil – which both me and my little boy love, what better way to relax after a hard days play then to have a splash in the bath followed by a nice relaxing massage and this oil was lovely and easy to apply and didn't leave my hands or my son 'greasy' and it was easily absorbed into the skin. It is scented with a hint of organic sweet orange, lavender and roman chamomile oil which is meant to aid relaxation and calmness and we wasn't met by any unwanted odours. It came in a generous 125ml bottle which will last awhile as you only need a small amount, and with the flip top lid means that I can easily close the lid without it being knocked over or spilt. A fab product to help that bond between any parent and child.

Organic Monkey Bumfluff Nappy Balm – my son isn’t currently in nappies but has had a problem with a chapped bottom from toilet training and using 'big boy tissue' so this couldn't have come at a better time, this amazing named balm comes in a handy sized 50ml jar that fits perfectly in a nappy bag or just an everyday handbag, and has a screw top lid so you don't have to worry about the lid falling off in your bag and having the balm leak all over your bag. The balm itself was lovely to apply and went on his 'cheeks' so smoothly that I didn't think I had any of the balm on my fingers, it left no sticky residue behind and it gave out the most delightful aroma. Which would have been the shea butter, lavender and roman chamomile oil which are said to protect, nourish and soothe sore and sensitive skin, and I must admit it did just that. And my son’s sore bottom wasn't sore for very long.

Both of these products were amazing, and I will be ordering some more when my new baby arrives very soon, they do seem a little higher priced than your everyday supermarket creams and oils but for the fantastic quality and the fact that they are not only organic but fair trade too, makes them worth every penny for peace of mind that only the best is going on my children's delicate skin.

This is defiantly something I will be referring to other parents.

A big thumbs up 5/5

Available to buy from Organic Monkey here

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