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OranguTwang Review

Reviewed by Kathryn Carr

There’s been fun and games aplenty in our house this week. We’ve been playing ‘OranguTwang’; think ‘Pop-up Pirate’ remastered, with a jungle twist. The aim of the game is to carefully hang fruit and jungle friends on the Orangutan without making him go ‘twaaang!’

The game is straightforward to assemble, with no impatient faces whilst I set up. The two-piece base slots together and two Palm Trees slot in. You hang Orangutan on the branch (a piece of string pre-fixed between the trees), pull up the Toucan lever, place the rest of the pieces in the base and you’re ready for the off. No batteries required. Simple.

The rules suggest that the player who can say ‘banana’ five times the fastest without messing up goes first; but of course, that’s entirely up to you (or in our case, our 4-year-old). The first player rolls the die to see which game piece they must hang on the Orangutan – will it be a pineapple, a coconut or a bunch of bananas? Or perhaps a Gecko or a Bat? Roll a ‘star’ and you miss a turn (but that means you’re safe for now). Players take it in turns to hang their objects anywhere on the Orangutan – but be careful, you don’t want to make him twang!

This game is recommended for ages 4+ but with adult supervision, it’s ideal for younger members of the family too. The concept is easy to understand, it can be played with a minimum of two people and it’s so much fun. We’ve struggled to find games that both our two and four-year-old are happy to play but this one has had the most positive response yet. Officially, the winner of the game is the last player to successfully hang an item on the Orangutan, (the one before the player who made him twang), but in our house, the players doesn’t seem concerned with winning or losing; it’s all about who jumped when the Orangutan did, and who can laugh the loudest. It’s lovely.

My two-year-old absolutely guffaws when the Orangutan twangs, sending himself and the pieces flying into the air and causing her to burst into a fit of manic dancing, shouting, “again, again, again!” I think our record number of games played in a row currently stands at 14! We’ve had this game for a week and it hasn’t made it into the toy cupboard yet; it’s certainly proving very popular. The grandparents have been roped into playing but when there’s no-one else around, it’s great being able to enjoy the game as a family of 4, with everyone getting involved in the action.

‘OranguTwang’ is exciting, amusing and a little bit wild! You just never know when the Orangutan is going to spring and spill. He jumps, you jump. It seems it’s the suspense that keeps kids entertained and you’ll like playing this as much as they do. Smiles all round.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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