One For All Smart Control URC 7980 Review

Reviewed by Ruth Clements

One For All is a smart remote to enable you to control up to eight different devices using only one remote control.

The remote itself arrived well packaged in a strong sturdy box, batteries weren’t included, which would have been useful. The instructions supplied came in 21 languages, and it took a while to find the English setup guide!

A little patience was definitely needed to set up the remote as it did take a little time. There is a quick set up guide ‘Simpleset’ for the most popular devices, however my TV wasn’t listed here so I had to use the website to find the set up code. Type in the TV make and model number (cue much fumbling behind the TV !!!) and you are given a choice of three, 4 digit codes, luckily the second one worked and my TV was controlled by the new remote.

I repeated this with my Set Top box and DVD player and for some unknown reason the TV stopped working, back to step one and soon working again.

At present I have only set the remote for all my devices to be operated separately, but I will be investigating all the other features that I can do with this remote, enabling the remote to learn to take over all the actions from the individual remotes. Activities and Macro’s all sound a little confusing but I’m sure will be very useful being able to turn the TV, DVD and Sky box all off together with just one push of a button  and to control the volume on the TV when in DVD mode instead of switching backwards and forwards.


Even though I am not using the remote to its full capacity I am very happy with it. My Sky remote wasn’t working effectively with several keys sticking so it great to have a fully working sensitive remote control again.

An added bonus was the app – free to download, which offers an alternative set up.


It took me a couple of attempts to pare the remote, but am loving the find the remote feature , with 3 toddlers in the house who like to ‘hide’ the remote it is great to be able to ‘find’ it using my phone (you can use the app  to make the remote beep so that you can locate it).

Overall a great universal remote that works with more or less any make of device.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

Available to buy from


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