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Ombar Organic Chocolate Review

Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Being keen on using organic produce wherever possible I was excited to be sent three different 35g bars of Ombar organic chocolate to try. Ombar is a real revolution in chocolate as not only is it organic, its gluten free, dairy free and doesn’t use any refined sugar in its products.

Reading that you could think that it may well have an effect on the taste, leaving it bland, but you couldn’t be more wrong, it’s bursting with flavour. Ombar only uses raw cacao not the standard roasted chocolate and the difference in taste shines through.

I was sent three different varieties from the nine produced, Blueberry & Acai, 90% Raw Cacao & Coconut 60%. The blueberry and acai was so full of juicy berry flavour it made the taste buds tingle with delight, a perfect choice for fruit lovers. The coconut 60% is made with a mixture of raw cacao and coconut cream, you can really taste the coconut but it doesn’t overpower the chocolate. The 90% raw cacoa caused a split between me and my husband, he thought it was strong and bitter and I absolutely loved it. I thought it had a lovely clean intense taste and could have eaten a bar twice the size. The other six varieties are 72% raw cacao, Coco Mylk, Goji Berry, Lemon Grass & Green Tea, Strawberry Mylk and Cranberry & Mandarin. From the information on the website the two Mylk bars are made with coconut cream for a sweeter tasting chocolate and the others have a more intense and tangy flavour, I definitely will be trying them all.

Ombar is available in health food stores, Ocado and online at at a RRP of £1.99 a bar. A great example of a chocolate bar suitable for vegans, dairy and gluten free without lacking in flavour in any way.

Highly recommended either as a treat for yourself or would make a great Christmas gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £1.99 (per bar)

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