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okiDOUGHki Dinosaur Kit for Sensory Play Review

Reviewed by Hannah Chan

I was really excited to open this package and so were the children, (aged 4, 7 and 10). My 4-year-old absolutely loves play dough, so we were looking forward to getting it all out and played with it straight away. okiDOUGHki only use natural ingredients for their products which is a huge selling point for me.

Inside the box there was a packet containing some plastic dinosaurs, two little plastic eggs, four smooth rocks and some ideas cards to help promote imaginative and open-ended play. These had a simple sentence on each like “can you make dinosaur footprints or can you make a dinosaur”. There were also three good sized balls of handmade dough wrapped in cling film. This product is CE certified which is great to know it has that level of safety testing.

I was also pleasantly surprised that they sent me a little note and a tea bag for me to have a little break, I loved this personal touch and it made me smile.

When it arrived, I expected it to have an ingredients list or aftercare sheet. At first, I couldn’t find one but the website and Facebook page were very easy to find, it was only after double checking the box for recycling that I found a sticky label with the ingredients stuck inside the box. It was easily missed the first time, but their Facebook page was really informative and had all the information I needed. The only bit extra that I was looking for was that the colourings or additives for the scent might induce an allergic reaction, my daughter has really sensitive skin but these did not cause a reaction at all which I was really pleased about.

Over a few days the children had the dough out several times, each time for at least half an hour and the dough didn’t go dry or flaky, it remained quite oily (but not in a bad way it still felt smooth and good to play with) so it lasts really well for homemade dough I was impressed. The scent and dough colour remained well too, it didn’t fade nor start to smell odd.

The brown playdough is chocolate scented, it does smell like chocolate! So do your hands too for the next few hours!

The green is cut grass scented but to me it smells like apples, it was my favourite because its smell is more subtle.

The lava dough was orange and yellow with glitter, it says on the sticker that it is unscented but to me it smells strongly of something but it might just be the oil it is made with, it smells perfumed. I loved the idea of having scented dough as it adds an extra facet of play to the dough.

The dough works well with other playdough sets we have, it is a lot smoother than the named brand but still comes out of the moulds the same. I’d much prefer to have homemade dough and know exactly what is in it!

I love that the plastic dinosaur and eggs that come with it add that little extra to play and encourage them to use their imagination, it is very versatile.

This kit would make an excellent Easter gift for anyone who loves playing with dough or sensory play. The idea cards were great for helping keep the children going with the kit, after the obvious play of sticking the dinosaurs in the dough and making up their own games they picked up the cards so there was plenty for them to be getting on with even before they noticed them and this extended their play. I would be pleased to see this added to an Easter gift guide too as overall it is a hidden gem of a product which might be missed if not specifically searching for something like this on Etsy or Facebook.

It is perfect for mums who want child safe, vegan, nontoxic dough which is fine if ingested accidentally although it isn’t recommended to leave small children unsupervised with it (doesn’t taste nice but won’t do any harm from the ingredients), but haven’t the time or resources to make it themselves. All parts of the kit were well thought through and the cards added something to keep the play going with it’ suggestions. I think it would also be great for childminders or small groups of children in a nursery or preschool setting, even EYFS because of the sensory aspect and the fact that it encourages fine motor skills and using their hands and imaginations.

As an added feature it is really portable! If you’re heading out for the day and have access to a surface (car play tray or aeroplane tray) this kit will keep the children going for ages. I recommend it for flights especially and it has been added to our list of things to keep the kids occupied when we know we have long waits.

I knocked a star off only because of the quality of the plastic dinosaurs and the ink on the eggs. Otherwise I didn’t have anything negative to say about the product. My son leaned on one of the dinosaur legs to press him into the dough and make an imprint and the head split in two, it did pop back together again though it’s just something to be aware of. A couple of the other dinosaurs also came apart after a bit of play and the edges by their tails were a little sharp, this didn’t effect play for long as luckily we had super glue handy but it is just something to be aware of if your littles are heavier handed like my son.

The ink printed on the little eggs comes off quite easily too (I think it’s the glycerine in the dough that causes it to run) but this can be washed off, again just something to be aware of if you see it on the children’s hands afterwards and don’t mind the pattern on the eggs not lasting.

The cling film that it came in split really easily which is great if you have it in the house, unfortunately we don’t as I use bees wax wraps so it might be an idea to get some Tupperware tubs ready for after you have opened them but it’s honestly not a problem if you already have something else in to keep the playdough from going dry or have clingfilm. We also (as dough lovers) had several empty tubs from other doughs which were perfect to keep it in.

Refills and other kits are available from Etsy or directly from their website where they are currently offering 10% off your first order, which is a good incentive to try it out. I had a look at their other products which include sets like the mermaid set and monster set as well as refill tubs in lots of different colours or scents. I am excited about this brand and it is one I will revisit in the future.

They have a really helpful Facebook page  with ideas, photographs and competitions. Their website is The Okidoughki Dinosaur Kit costs £14.99 on their Etsy shop but can also be purchased via their website as noted above.

I rate this product 4 out of 5 stars but it was very close and only on those minor, fixable points.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

For more information or to buy, visit or

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